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Talks on Buddhism

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The Perfection of Patience (Kshanti )
The Perfection of Generosity
Skilful Speech
Learn to meditate - website
London Buddhist Centre -website
The Perfection of Wisdom
No Choice- Buddhism & Ecology
The Meaning of Sangha
The Practice of Sangha - In public and in private
A World of Possibilities
Wesak Reflections 2008
Constant Change
Ratnasambhava-Forever Giving
The Greatest Gift
Imagine a Sangha
Spiritual Significance of Right Livelihood
Tantric Guru- right livelihood
Listening:the essence of communication
The Paradox of Happiness
Ratnaghosha's Home Page- w
Blog with talks and bits

This site contains talks on Dharma topics which were delivered at various times during the last 15 years, including some quite recent talks.I hope you enjoy them. Ratnaghosha. November 2009 There is also a link to my other web site 'Ratnaghosha's Home Page' If you have any comments you can email me at