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Witches Gate

There are at least two places known as Witches Gate here in the Falls.Pictured above is an old burned-out mansion off of 287 south. Once the home of two elderly brothers, it was allegedly burned down during a robbery attempt. Both brothers were killed, and are said to haunt the ruins. There is supposed to be a basement there, that seems to remain spotlessly clean. I guess they believed cleanliness is next to Godliness,and in this case it seems to be taken literaly.

This is the gate that leads to the ill-fated house. How it got the name of Witches Gate is unknown, although it's suspected that the brothers had dealings with the supernatural.

The other Witches Gate is located at the intersection of Hammon and Hatton roads.Coming down Hammon Road at night, this small road-marker seems to be a gate that blocks the road. Driving up on it at a high rate of speed makes it seem that the car will crash through. It worked on me the first time I saw it. There is also a local legend that two young lovers were murdered while parking off of the side of the road nearby, and that you can sometimes see them standing behind the gate, bloodied and dazed.