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Pinky's Cave

On the picturesque street of Ardath, there is a small metal railing. On the other side of this railing is Pinky's Cave, an underground tunnel that snakes through the bowels of our fair city.It's dark, wet and altogether scary.

This is the entrance to Pinky's Cave.Pictured above is my partner, intrepid spook-hunter Joe Perez. Many years ago I wandered all the way through with friends late at night. We heard strange noises and were horrified to see the grafitti at the end-"Trog has been watching you the whole time..."

The ghosts of a mother and her young son who were trapped here during a flash flood while waiting out a tornado warning are supposed to appear whenever there is a thunderstorm to keep others from making the same fateful mistake.While some of the old fogies in town say it is now a gang hangout, it's more likely a place where typical teens of the city gather to be scared.