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Haunted Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is a seemingly mundane little burg lying in the plains of North Central Texas,quaint but boring. However,even here there are tales of spirits who have yet to move on, remaining behind to appear before unsuspecting individuals who cross their paths.

First settled in the 1880's, Wichita Falls became a thriving city due to Cattle and Oil. But in the early 1900's we were known as "Whiskeyta Falls" because of the large amount of boot-legging going on. Our city supposedly derives its name from a small ford on the Wichita river. We have a man-made falls now, spilling curiously enough from a hill where many noted Wichitans find their final resting place,Riverside Cemetary.This place and many others are said to be the haunt of the restless dead of Wichita Falls.

On these pages I will direct you to some of the spookiest places in the 'Falls'. Some are open to the public, but others are on private property or are dangerous to explore. Should you trek through these sites, and are absconded by angry land-lords,get lost in the deep dank tunnels or (gasp) happen upon the unearthly,don't blame me...

The Haunted Places

The Cityview Monster

The Haunted Insane Asylum

Eastlawn Cemetary

Pinky's Cave

Witches Gate