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Welcome to my Family and Friends Picture Album

Added more pics and Please take some time to leave me any kind of feedback by sending me an email'll really appreciate it if u do...Thanks in advance!

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Friends Section

Hello Everyone, Thanks for visiting my webpage. If you're surfing this page, I either gave it out to you, or you clicked the link on the Konkani Page. Either way, my heartiest welcome. You guys already know me as Sachin or Sach, so no need for a personal introduction. My friends and family are very important to me, so I dedicate this webpage to them. These pictures say a lot about me, so hope you have fun. I'll keep on adding pictures whenever I get time. So check back from time to time. If you have any suggestions, let me know, my email address is at the bottom of this page[ if you just wanna say Hi, thas ok too :-) ]

Me n My Mom at Universal Studios Hollywood, April 2002

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