Leonie O'Moore comic books


'The Scarlet Star' (artist)

'Boxes' for Dead Roots anthology (artist)

'An Aphid's life' for Asteroid Belter anthology (writer/artist)

Monstrum Horrendum Book 1 Vol 2, Monstrum Horrendum Book 2 Vol 2, Monstrum Horrendum: Mermaid Mayhem (writer/artist)

Tag Team (artist/editor)

New British Comics #1, New British Comics#2 (writer/artist/anthology title),

Accent UK anthologies: Twelve (writer/artist), Monsters (writer/artist), Zombies (artist), Robots (artist), Predators (artist)

Vampire daisy of doom mini comic #1(writer/artist), Poop-o-rama #1,#2(writer/artist), Love the monsters(writer/artist), Mistakes and Regrets(writer/artist), Monstrum Horrendum #1,#2,(writer/artist)

There goes Tokyo presents #1,#2,#3 (artist/writer/co-editor/anthology)

There goes Tokyo spotlight on #1,#2,#3,#4 (artist/writer/co-editor/anthology)

Various mini-comics (artist/writer), Hells Belles #1,#2 (artist/writer)

Indie forum (writer/artist/editor/anthology title) #1, #2,#3,#4,#5, Retro woman comic (writer/artist), Velocity comics #2 (writer/artist/anthology title), Xenocrayon(artist/writer/anthology title)#1,#3

"Vampire daisy," "Uni", strips for Roofdog website(writer/artist/online comic), "Vampire Daisy", "Lost in the supermarket", "Jane Jade", "the Snowman", "Monster town" for There goes Tokyo website (writer/artist/online comic)

Noir (writer/artist), Hellboink mini-comic(colourist), International Manga Association British Anthology (writer/artist)

Sunday 12 hr comic (writer/artist), Accent UK anthologies: Phobias (writer/artist)

Graphic Novels:

Some Forgotten Part (writer/artist)

Law of the Paw (artist)

Charity Comics:

Spirit of Hope (writer/artist/ anthology title),

Flood (writer/artist/anthology title),

Green (writer/artist/anthology title)


Jaws: the untold story.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus: the highlights

The fixer upper

Ryan's Bad Day web comic for Apocalypse comics (writer/artist),

Job Search webcomic for indie review (writer/artist)

Online Zine:

The Shark Report (Download it for free HERE)

Covers and Pin-ups:

Red Fox colouring book(pin-up artist), The Girlie Comic #21 (cover artist),

Incoming (cover artist), Deva comics (pin-up artist), Cheronna (pin-up artist)


Starburst issue 379 (Artist on 'Sleeping with the fishes' comic strip)


Illustrations for 'Bad Advice' by Martha Vialli

Museum Guides and Activity Books

'Outside the frame' - Exhibition activity book, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Guide Book for Children - Segedunum Roman Fort

Puzzle sheets - Laing Art Gallery

Exhibition activity book - Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden

Interviews / Features:

Interview at Colouring Outside The Lines

Interview for GLAMOUR magazine, Sept. 2010.

Video blog for GLAMOUR magazine Sept. 2010.

Scarlet Star Interview at Geek Chocolate

Storefront at Lulu.com