Reverse Torah Rituals

Below are the Reverse Torah Rituals. Each of these can be started and performed as often as you wish... the more the better. The Jews repeat the reciting and reinforcing of these horrendous curses that damn Gentiles every week, each year. We will be following along after they reinforce these damnations and reversing them.


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Important Information on How to Perform the Reverse Torah Rituals [Webpage]



This is how it works: The enemy reads specific verses from their Torah on specific dates. This is done in synagogues all around the world on the same days and creates powerful astral energy that is used to enslave the world, create unimaginable wealth from the blood, labor and sacrifices of Gentiles, and to ensure success for the Jews and their escape from any justice. By reversing certain verses after they read them from their Torah, this works to destroy the energies they raised. We will wait one day and then go behind them, destroying this most evil energy.

Please keep this and download all of the rituals. If anything should happen to the internet, it is very important to keep doing these!! No matter what!! Our workings ARE exposing and destroying them.

Yom Kippur, the Highest Holy Day in Judaism. This is when they recite the Kol Nidrei “prayer” that absolves them from any of their grave injustices committed against Gentiles [and even their own, as they prey upon their own, being the parasites they are], and also clears them from having to keep promises and keep their word. It is a criminal working that needs to be reversed. Gentiles pay for this!!

The dates change from year to year, but are pretty predictable and can easily be found online by typing in “[year] Weekly Torah Readings.” For example: "2017 Weekly Torah Readings."

The webpages have both the PDF and the Mp3 Audio links for download.


 72 Stinking Names

 Communications [Genesis 11: 9]

 Curse Israel [Genesis 12: 2-3]

 Cursing the 42 Letter “Name of God” [Exceptionally powerful and destructive against the enemy]

 Cursing the 72 “Names of God” [Exceptionally powerful and destructive against the enemy and should be done as often as possible!]

 Demonic Authority Ritual

 Destroying Jewish Rule & Domination THREE PARTS [Reverse Bible Ritual]

 Disarming the Enemy: Restoring Justice [Isaiah 54:17]

 Ending Confusion [Deuteronomy 7: 23]

 Holding the Enemy Accountable [Numbers 15: 26]

 Kol Nidrei

 Preventing Another Major War [Exodus 15: 3]

 Preventing Another Major War [Deuteronomy 7: 2]

 Isaiah 17-1 – Preventing Another Major War

 Reverse Blood Sacrifice Ritual Genesis [9: 5]

 Reversing the Curse upon the Goat [Leviticus 16: 22]

 Restoring Gentile Power and the Right to Rule Our Own Nations [Deuteronomy 7: 24]

 Serpent Ascending [Genesis 3: 24]

 Serpent Empowerment for Gentiles [Exodus 7: 12]

 Serpent is Free [Genesis 3: 14]

 Terminating Jewish Financial Control, Parts 1 and 2


Group Rituals: Reversing Curses of the Torah Information.pdf [Sermon 08.02.2014]

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Click here for a ZIP file of all the Reverse Torah Rituals, PDFs and Audio Mp3s
[Note* This is a large file, 47 MB]

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