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Thoughts on Paganism

Welcome to my page on my own little thoughts about various pagan things. Naturally, this page will most probably be filled with lots of entries, but I won't ever delete anything.


All gods and goddesses One God and Goddess?

"All gods are One God and all goddesses are One Goddess..." These are some of the opening words in the book Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I personally am still trying to figure out if this is true for me or not. It all depends on who you ask and what you believe. I have heard that all the gods and goddesses are exactly that.. each is a specific divine spirit that rules over certain aspects of life, and the world. So if you call on Artemis, then call on Diana, you will have two goddess of the moon and virginity.

Then again, there are reasons to support the above quoted statement. From some of the research I have done (which is not extensive, just minimal) acording to the theology of the goddess Isis she is the Mother Goddess, and the mother of all gods. All gods and goddesses are really just different faces of her.
Another reason that stands to support the theory is what's called the Tree of Life. At the very top there is The One, which branches into the God and Goddess and from there branches into all the gods on one side, and all the goddesses on the other. Now as this has been explained to me, all the gods and goddesses are the God and Goddess, and in turn the God and Goddess are in reality The One.
What is your opinion?

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