A sunset
Brighter than any before
Shines bright
Reflects strong
On the coming tides
Fills lost souls with strength
Gives guidance
For future journeys
One such journey
Made by two lovers
Destined for each other
Yet reside on opposite sides
A voyage both do make
To find the other heart
And begin anew
Vows of peace
To end violence and wars
On an island
Center of the sea
Both hearts connect
Yet tragedy befalls
An untimely event
An unforeseen event
The island a calm
Surrounded by raging seas
Yet two hearts
Remain strong
Defiant still
With souls might
And courage true
They win this day
And many more
Nations they lead
In peace they prosper
Two lovers
Two hearts
Two souls
As one
Are stronger
Much stronger
Than none.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows