As gentle as the Summer Breeze

The seasons have finally changed
Spring is gone, now summer is here
Warm weather, fresh flowers
And birds in the sky
It sends me back
To the times when I was young
When all I could think about
Was the girl I knew then
Don’t ask me why
She was with me
Why she even loved me
But all I know is this
Is she’s as gentle as a summer breeze

There was no trace of evil in her
Her thought’s were always pure
Her laughter rich and warm
No doubt about her
She was always kind to those who were the same
Took pity on those that weren’t
She’s as gentle as a summer breeze

This was many years ago
A time long ago
Almost forgotten on the winds of time
If not for those warm, gentle summer winds
And how I remember!
Sitting beneath an oak or maple
Or if I was daring, a pine
And watch as she dances
Enjoys the day, from beginning to end
Even sometimes beyond

I ask myself, where is she now?
Naturally, she’d be with the breeze
A sweet and gentle reminder of a time long gone
Of better times still ahead
And hopes that will never disappear
And I will always remember
The girl that made me laugh and feel good
The one who will always be remembered
Who was, and forever will be
As gentle as the summer breeze.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows