An image

An image
White doves and cherry blossoms
One girl
My heart beats so wildly
One moment
To realize sheís the one
One chance
Will she understand?

As I look into the sky
Searching through the stars
Looking for the answers I need
Just a little bit of guidance
To help me on my way
But what do I see instead?
The picture of the most beautiful girl
That Iíve ever seen
Is she the one for me?

At last
I see her across the street
The time
Has come for me to see
If she
Is really the one in my quest
Will I
Know what to do?

But in the end it comes down to courage
Something which Iíve been lacking lately
The strength needed to carry on
If this is the way things are supposed to be
I should feel comfortable knowing,
That its not in vain.