No One But Her

Sweetest sorrow fills my soul
Darkness surrounds my every waking moment
Trust in no one is my creed
Playing God is my deed

Then one day as I was hunting for souls
I entered a place and then was told
This place is forbidden for darkened souls
I replied fuck you I’m on a role

And at that moment an angel appeared
Bidding me to take my leave of here
Normally I would ignore it all
But there’s no way, I could ignore that ho

Mind you, she was no ho
She was most exquisite, lo and behold
And as well, new feelings emerged
I did not like them, they had to be purged

But first, I had to get away
To leave this place, remove my face
Then prepare myself, come back in time
Meet the lovely angel again
And I promise I will be ready
She will not make me her teddy

What seemed an eternity, had past
Only a millenia in human cast
There she was as once ago
The beautiful, so lovely whore

I walked up to her
10 feet away
And told her, I will not be swayed

She just looked at me
And smiled a smile
Nearly fell to my knees
I was not pleased

How dare an angel
Be brave enough
To face a soul
Such as myself

I reached out to remove her presence
And all she did, was speak a sentence
“Not even the darkest, can stand to face me,
So get on your knees and kneel before me.”

I did as she said
I couldn’t resist
I knelt before her
And still she persist

To make me human
That would make her day
To feel emotions, oh no I say
I begged forgiveness, I shed a tear
This was most cruel, to change my ways
So most unfair, I declare
She was being selfish, the angelic one
no ifs, ands, or buts
No one could have me
No one but her.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows