Throwin' Your Life Away

I stand here before you, and look down at you, and think to myself, "You should've known known better."  I've said it before, time and time again, but never forced you to heed it.  Maybe I should've.  Then maybe you'd still be here today.  Maybe.  But, I could be wrong.  All I know is that you risked your life foolishly.  All for what, a few thrills?!  How much are these thrills worth to you that you would risk your very life to achieve them.  It must be pretty exciting, barreling down a side down a side street doing 100.  Only to barely dodge cars and people, and sometimes, if you were lucky, slow down for stop sign.  Well, I think not.  I've been in those cars.  Thrilling, but frightening.  Never again if I can help it.  Oh, they say that when I get behind the wheel, I'll be doing it too.  Not if I have anything to say in the matter.  Oh sure, I got a quick pickup with the gas, but I still keep around or just under the speed limit.  For I'm not just driving for myself.  I'm driving for everybody else.  If only the driver of your car knew that.  Knew how precious life is.  Then maybe they would've slowed down and stopped.  So, here I sit, writing this, staring at your tombstone.  Next to Little Johnny and Little Sue.  Their car was hit by yours.  They had the right of way.  You did not.  I still love you for the person that you were, but not for the decision you had made.  So I shed a tear.  Only one mind, because that is all you deserve.  You knew the risk, you knew the consequences.  And yet you still went along.  Nothing really changes, no matter how hard you try.  So now, I will say my final farewell, and carryon with my life.  And hope I don't lose anybody else.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows