In The Building

Lightning and rain across the sky
Voices and echoes for all to die
Death and destruction lay all around
The people were trying to escape

As I was running for my life
A brief image crossed my mind
I stopped in my tracks to ponder the picture
Then pulled a one-eighty and quickened my stride

Back in the city an hour passed
Looking for her amidst the mass
I found her in a collapsing building
In an attempt to escape its powerful grasp

Groaning and rumbling I heard from inside
I entered the building and shoved her aside
To find myself lying with blood on my face
And wandered what would've happened
    Had I slowered my pace

Looking at the ruined building
I noticed the tears travelling down her cheeks
I told her to leave the city
Before she ended up where I was

She said she couldn't leave a friend
In time of dire need
We sat there waiting for the help
That would eventually save us

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows