Heaven Sent

A luminescence, an aura
Outlined by the moon
On this night of all nights
The moon is bright
Full, strong, protective
Keeper of the innocent

My soul is dark, knows no light
It swims, drinks, eats that which
Even god himself is afraid of

There she stands
A silhouette against the moon
Her skin, silken soft
Glows with moonlight
A soft glow, easy on all eyes
     even mine
Her hair, ever flowing,
Just past shoulders
Brownish red
Swaying in the gentle breeze
Her eyes, two pools
Iím drawn, relaxed, at peace

Suddenly, laughter rings out
Clear as crystal, yet not mocking
I should fear her, that which is good
But I do not, as before, am drawn

She speaks, a soft, gentle voice
Soothingly peaceful, a dream is this?
No, all reality
Beckons me she does
I dare not refuse
To displease, dishonor her and me
Go to her I do, bask in her glory
     I want

Nearer I approach, more peace comes
I detect something odd, never felt or seen before
The aura surrounding her, soft, gentle
Strange feel, innocence?
Unheard of in my world
Never thought existed elsewhere
But it does exist,
     so it does
Ever closer I move, my steps never faltering
Within arms reach I get, I stare,
     canít help but stare
Her beauty, unparallel
Aphrodite is jealous herself
I breathe in the air around her
Sweet scent that of spring,
     fresh flowers blooming
Sweet grass, orchards, and trees
Ocean breeze in the summer,
Crisp autumn leaves,
Fresh fallen snow
All this and more
Intoxicating, addicting,
     I like
Breathe in again, and all past worries subside

Who is this girl?
 I ask the heavens
Who sent her?
Why is she here?

To free you,
     they replied

Free me from what?
     I shot back

From myself
     they said
Do what it takes
To bring him peace
So long as he walks the light
And darkness no more
Never again
Thatís why sheís here
     they continued

I knew I had a purpose in life
What it was though, I could not tell
So the dark path I took
Forsake the light I did
Guess I was wrong

I ask the heavens once more
Why, then if youíve come
To give me release
Why do it now
Why now when I am
At my highest point in darkness

To better fully understand
The concept of what was truly
Meant to be
     so the Heavens returned

Still, I do not understand
But look back at her face I do
Then it hit me
Not to be selfish, not a good trait in anyone
I was meant to learn love
A strange, exotic, new feeling
That meant nothing to me till now
A human emotion, only got in the way
     I used to think

Then she smiled
I froze, my heart froze, my soul froze
Hell, even whole time froze
Love it was, love I felt
     love I did not shun

Then slowly, ever slowly
The dark shroud that covered my eyes
Began to lift, light I see
Nearly blinded me it did,
     I not being used to it

And there she was,
More beautiful than I thought
A beacon of light and hope
She stood, waiting
Patiently waiting

Not knowing what to do next
On a whim, blind faith? chance
I embraced her, took her in my arms
And kissed her, awkwardly, clumsily
Slowly, carefully,
Then we stopped, stared into each otherís eyes
Gazing longingly,  and then walked away,
Together, hand in hand

Thatís all that is written for now
What happens after, has yet to be
But pray, if you so believe
In whatever gods you do
That this story stays serene, peaceful
And will end as such
Pray to Venus, goddess of love
That all stays well, ends well,
And that all can enjoy love,
     at least once in their lives.
 copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows