Eternal Loneliness

I talk to her almost everyday
Spend what little time I can spare with her
In that time, I still have yet to tell her
I should stop looking for an opening
A way to lead into it, make it easier to say
I should just say it
Straightforward, let her know how I feel
But Iím afraid
Of what, I do not know
I should not be, though, itís normal
To be in love
So what if she doesnít feel the same
I just want to tell her
Let her know, and lift this burden from my shoulders
Each day I tell myself, this is the day
Each day passes, and still I have not spoken
Of my love for her
In the darkness I rest, knowing
That not speaking, ever
Means eternal loneliness.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows