Enough is Enough

What news is this?
That reacheth mine ears?
Wait, could it be?
Not seems.

Rumor has it, your back with him again
The one day I thought I could
Just tell you how much you mean to me
I here tell of this

A fucking yoyo
Thatís what it seems like
Go out, break up, go out again
A cycle that just wonít end

Well, Iíve had enough
Maybe Iím overreacting
Who cares anyway
My heart is shattered,
Soul ripped asunder
And my mind wanders
Can barely think straight

Time for me to move on
No more bullshit
I cannot think of you as I have before
Your going to be ďjust a friendĒ from now on

Iíll find somebody
But when? who knows
I certainly donít
Iíve had enough
Iím gone.