The Definition Of Love

If love is sorrows, then why do we love?
Such pain and sadness, yet itís all we ever think of
If love is one smile and eternal tear
Then why we keep on loving without any fears?
Love is a sorrowful melody
Love is a song for melancholy
Love is silent tears on gloomy nights
Love is blind and we lose sight
What is the definition of love?
Why do lovers say itís like heaven above?
Definition is ďtemporary dream and shard in the heartĒ
Itís like sands slipping away and keeping us apart
Love is a shattered dream
Love is a temporary film
Love is when you trip and fell
Love is a state of eternal hell
This passion is another heartbreak
Is there any lover thatís awake?
Can it blind us to the point of losing all vision
To the peak where we lose all our reasons
Love is a need and leave sorrows
Love is with you today and fade tomorrow
Love is a flame that will burn out
Love is a dream and will end now

copyright 2002, property of SweetieSerenity