Death the Conqueror

And with the sunset went all hope
Our greatest fears are realized
United we stand, barely
The young and the old
Side by side
All weep, all afraid
For this is the hour that everyone prepared for
Yet no amount of training
Could prepare them for this
Torches flared, only to have the life sucked out
And soon, a chill passed over the land
Enveloping all, cowering all
Soon followed by death
The very body of death itself
Sweeping across the lands
Trees wither and die
Animals follow suit
Us humans can take no more
Throw down our weapons
Cower once more
Defy it all we cannot
So in the end
Evil won
They were too strong
We too weak
The planet is on its final legs
The land begins to blacken
Now our souls wander
Aimlessly around
Taking in what’s left
Of Gaea’s wondrous land
And pray, dream
Of life returning once more.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows