Dazed and Confused

An eternity it seems
Living this lie
Anything less
And you would cry
A thousand times
I could’ve left
Yet each time
I could not
Something kept me back
Some unseen force
Not love
Not hate
Not faith
Nothing godly
Since their are no gods
I could not explain it
I did not want to
But I do know this
My curiosity was peaked
So I stayed
Did my best to keep you happy
Was there for you when you weren’t
Always a shoulder to cry on
And so you have come to trust me
When I do not trust you
Yet we look out for each other
When in fact we shouldn’t
I look over these words
And am struck by
The shear fact
That I am confused
It seems I jump from one place
Only to another
With nothing in between
Also it seems
This would be better suited
If it were in a paragraph
As I reach the end of the page
I feel I am losing touch
With what I do not know
So I shall leave
With this long,...whatever
And most likely
Have made you as confused
As I am.
 copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows