The Cave

Deep in the heart of the wilderness
There lies a mysterious cave.
And in that mysterious cave
Lies treasure fit for a king.

Countless bodies are scattered
All over thee well-trodden path.
Whoever enters the cave,
Will never see daylight again.

A few have found this treasure,
And place it on a map.
But none have made it back,
To tell stories of what they have found.

No one knows why this is so,
Many have tried to find out,
No matter what weapons they bring,
It won't make any difference.

Many legends are spun
About a guardian of the cave
Sworn to protect a treasure
For a king aeons dead.

But now the secrets shall be told
The treasure is in fact the truth about man
I should know.
For I am the guardian of the cave.

copyright 2002, property of On Angels Wings..., and Angelic Sorrows