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Omniversal Magick



The Guild of Omniversal Magick is closed. I'm sorry to those that might have gotten anything from this site, but at this point in my life, I feel a need to return to my roots and re-think how I go about my magickal and spiritual life.The heart of Omniversal Magick still rests in me, and I hope to complete that project some day... it is, after all, a work in progress. I just feel that this site is not going in the direction I had intended and I need to figure out where *I* am going in life. I owe much thanks to Khyss, who listened to my ideas and encouraged me to pursue my dreams in the creation of my own path. I also owe him much thanks for the inspiration he has given me. Perhaps this site will continue when my life has found a smoother road to travel. Until then, may you ever walk comfortably in the shadows, neither blinded by the light, nor lost in the dark.  

Azjula Ailsidhe