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The Druids Quest

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Shot discription:
I am working on a game called The Druids Quest. It is created in the rpgmaker 2000, and is a final fantasy clone. In the game, your are playing the druid, Raimond. You begin in your house, and soon you will find out what your quest is about.

A computer with windows 95/98/2000 (mabye xp i dont know) and the Rpg Maker 2000 1.05b (or better i dont know) with RTP 1.32 (or better dont know either).

Install help:
First install Rpg Maker, then RTP and then update RTP with the patch. All the files can be found on this side. You need to put the desert5.png file in The Druids Quest\Panorama folder and the dwarf.png file in The Druids Quest\CharSet folder, you can download the file on this site. You must have thease installed if the game shoudt work.

Any good (or bad) comments, questions and other things, can you mail to I will not check the mail every day so dont be angrey if i dont answer right away.

Download Rpg Maker!

Download NOW (11,43 mb)
Download RTP!

Download NOW (4,49 mb)

Download RTP version 1.32 patch!

Download NOW (7,22 mb)
Download the Game!

Download NOW (13 mb)
Download desert5.png

Right click here and press "Save Taget As..."

Download dwarf.png

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