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MTGO Traders Corner

Under Construction:
Because this site may cause some confusion. I will clarify. This is price guide for people wanting info on prices. I am not trading, buying, selling cards through this. Use this site to make sure you don't get ripped off on prices. As, such to make this site as accurate as possible. I need you to send me what you believe the cards are worth. Upto the 20 most current prices will be averaged to get the listed price. Please don't send prices for cards you have submitted less than a week ago. Those prices will not be added. Also, please be sure to tell others of this site. Remember this sites accuracy depends on you.
Still getting and loading images of the cards. email me at:
Anyone with card prices in tickets please email me as well.
Until Legion expansion to Onslaught is released:
All card images have been uploaded.
All Images have been aquired.
All images and prices for 7th ed have been added.
All images and prices for Invasion have been added.
All images and prices for Planeshift have been added.
All images and prices for Apocalypse have been added.
All prices and images for Odysee have been added.
Prices are list in dollars (US) which is converted to tickets on a $1 = 1 ticket.
The format is(R)rare (U)uncommon (C)common (L)basic land:
? by itself refers no prices have been aquired for this item.
$x.xx? means 1 to 4 prices have been aquired for this item. (price is the avg. of those prices)
$x.xx means 5 to 19 prices have been aquired for this item. $x.xx* means 20 prices have been recieved (prices are the avg. of those prices) (after 20 all old prices are removed on a FIFO system: first in first out)
Presently 20 prices have been recieved for:
This section removed due to too many at this level.
Just check each section as stated above all 20 price cards have a * after the price.

Main Page            Mirror            7th Ed Artifacts A - J            7th Ed Artifacts K - Z            7th Ed Land

7th Ed Black A - E            7th Ed Black F - O            7th Ed Black P - Z            7th Ed Blue A - F

7th Ed Blue G - R            7th Ed Blue S - Z            7th Ed Green A - F            7th Ed Green G - R

7th Ed Green S - Z            7th Ed Red A - G            7th Ed Red G - P            7th Ed Red Q - Z

7th Ed White A - H            7th Ed White I - S            7th Ed White S - Z

Inv Artifacts            Inv Land            Inv Black A - H            Inv Black I - S            Inv Black T - Z

Inv Blue A - M            Inv Blue N - S            Inv Blue T - Z            Inv Green A - L            Inv Green M - S

Inv Green T - Z            Inv Red A - M            Inv Red N - S            Inv Red T - Z            Inv White A - L

Inv White M - R            Inv White S - Z            Inv Multi-Color A - G            Inv Multi-Color H - R

Inv Multi-Color S - Z            Inv Split            Planeshift Artifacts            Planeshift Land

Planeshift Black            Planeshift Blue            Planeshift Green            Planeshift Red            Planeshift White

Planeshift Multi Color A - L            Planeshift Multi Color M - Z            Apocalypse Artifacts

Apocalypse Land            Apocalypse Black            Apocalypse Blue            Apocalypse Green

Apocalypse Red            Apocalypse White            Apocalypse Multi Color A - J

Apocalypse Multi Color K - Z            Apocalypse Split            Ody Artifacts            Ody Land

Ody Black A - E            Ody Black F - N            Ody Black O - Z            Ody Blue A - C

Ody Blue D - R            Ody Blue S - Z            Ody Green A - K            Ody Green L - R            Ody Green S - Z

Ody Red A - E            Ody Red F - O            Ody Red P - Z            Ody White A - D            Ody White E - P

Ody White R - Z            Ody Multi-Color