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Reach for God with all your heart and He will come to you, but no matter what your faith, live not in the flesh but always in the spirit for that is where the greatest beauty resides.


July 29th, 2003
Hello, I am totally changing my site now, to be more of just a personal site, not something I'm actually trying to make productive. More like a hugely expanded profile. So yeah. I'll still have the icons up that I made before but they won't be that important anymore. The new site title is The Girl In The Box, since, well, the computer is box-shaped, and so is my room. Its taken from the book The Girl In The Box, go check it out on if you want to, its a very moving book. So thats that, I'm gonna go fix it up more!
Until Later,

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I was a part of the human flag where I live, in San Diego, CA. 72,000 people came out to the staduim to be a part of it, not counting those who didn't get in when they finally had to close the gates.