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In all the years I've watched and been involved in and have studied politics I've never seen a political group so pathetic and phony as the Democratic socialist party. They have been hijacked by groups determined to push socialism, like huge conglomerate corporations who benefit from environmental laws and regulations by keeping out competition and protecting their 'close to monopoly market share'. Also greedy, crooked, lawsuit happy, tricky trial and tort lawyers who exploit our legal system for huge profits and personal financial gain and also put criminal rights above the justice of victims. Another group being huge media conglomerates, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Time/Warner, Viacom and most of your major newspapers,(The New York Times, Boston Globe and the LA Times just to name a few)and also wacky zero economic growth environmentalists and militant deviant behavior groups. (one group being the homosexual activist movement bent on promoting and enacting gay mariages) They will do and say anything or destroy anyone in the way of their 'anti capitalist' pro socialist agenda or anyone who is a threat to the power they hold. Anybody who tries to make government smaller and change things (CONTRARY TO THEIR SOCIALIST 'BIG GOVERNMENT' AGENDA) is a threat to liberal Democrats power and will have to be discredited and disarmed and sometimes even destroyed by lies and distortions. They thrive on big bureaucratic government. The bigger government is the more power they have. They hate so called "Big business" but they never complain about "big government" (Unless they are not in control of it) which is far bigger and powerful than any business ever could dream of being. History proves that big governments have done far more damage to more people and killed millions more innocent people world wide. but you will never hear this from a liberal Democrat.

Liberal Democrats are really not concerned about the citizens or of justice in this country as they claim to be but more they are concerned with the appearance of being concerned. Can anyone name any issue that they said they wanted to solve and actually did? Welfare was supposed to get rid of poverty and we have sunk literally trillions of dollars into the welfare system since it was started. (we still have poverty and always will) Gun control was supposed to get rid of or drastically lower violent crimes. (it hasn't put a dent in violent crimes) Neither one worked or ever will. Liberals rather keep the problem going and appear to be fighting it when all along they really are just feeding off the problem because if they actually really solved the problem(s), that would be less political issues for liberal Democrats to get elected or re-elected on.

Liberal big government Democrats ("Progressives" as they now call themselves) disguise themselves in a false compassion to gain votes willing to give anyone a free ride on the tax payers dime no matter what your cost. They claim to be compassionate but it is easy to be "compassionate" with your tax payers money. To liberals your hard earned money (The money YOU worked for not them) belongs to the government (or in other words them). They use unconstitutional government programs like welfare, Social Security and Medicare as a great way to "buy voters" with tax payers money. These tax robbing liberals are like vultures feeding on people who have a "society owe's me" and the "I'm a victim" and people who are just looking for a free handout mentalities and once people are dependent on these socialist type programs they tend to vote for those who support those programs and the Democrats know this and exploit it for their own political gain using scare tactics to "demonize" the opposing political candidate. The Democrats use these programs as political weapons,and those on government programs as political pawns Democrats know that just a hint of fear in government program dependent voters that their opponent is or might be against these government programs and their chances for election or re-election goes up drastically. In inner circles within the party Democrats call these "captured votes". Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin called these same type of people "useful idiots". Their type of "forced compassion" makes slaves of the working class tax payers of this nation. And if you disagree with them or oppose them they call you Nazis, selfish, facists, bigots, mean spirited, extremists, intolerant, or anti environment, or even all of the above and other forms of scandalous and vitriolic language to demonize their opponents - language that would get conservatives crucified if they spoke that way about a liberal.


Remove a majority of voters from responsibility for income taxes

Democrats have made no attempt to hide their goals here. The Democrats have been working on this plan for decades. The idea is simple. Using refundable tax credits and deductions and such ideas as the Earned Income Tax Credit the Democrats are working to shift the entire burden for the payment of federal income taxes onto a minority of US taxpayers. Right now the top 50 percent of taxpayers pay almost 95 percent of the taxes. The Democrats are close to their goal. When the majority of voters have no federal income tax liability it will be almost impossible to pass any meaningful tax cuts and further tax increases will be a piece of cake, especially if the taxes only affect those to be considered to be rich. Through this ploy the Democrats plan to create a defeat-proof socialist congress. When I see this it makes me sick to know that 150 million people only have to pay approx 5% of the burden to run this country. What is wrong with this picture? What happened to equality? I can tell you what happened to it... Vote buying and the redistribution of wealth. Politicians take from those who make more to give to those who make less to insure that those people will vote for them to retain the free money from the tax payers of this country. Sounds like Socialism to me, not a constitutional republic. But ask yourself this, when the "rich" finally collapse or run out of money or even leave who do you think they will come after for money?...YES....YOU!



In their lives liberals have replaced God with government making government and the power that comes with it their religion because God cannot be controlled or manipulated but government and people can and liberal Democrats know this very well and now they want to do the same with you and me. To liberals government is the answer to all things even though it produces nothing but only takes from it's citizens. Can anyone tell me when the Democrats "as a whole" or even 90% of them have voted to cut any government socialistic programs or taxes? No, they have never done this, but they always vote to enlarge these socialistic programs and add new ones on top of new ones and increase the size of the bureaucracy with your taxes to pay for them. Every law and tax increase they create is a little less freedom for you and me and more control & power for them. It used to be that the Democratic party was the party that said "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" and "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" But now today the party is full of "Doom and Gloomers" and leaches sucking off the big government tit. From Global warming and the ozone hole to people starving from lack of food and dying from lack of Health care scare tactics.


It used to be that Americans were tough and self-sufficient and didn't need "charity" from anyone. Liberals have driven American ingenuity out mostly through the public education system (which they have most control of) and replaced it with victimization mentalities and sex education classes ignoring important subjects like history, economics and other subjects which actually teach students the truth of how society functions and other subjects which teach them to function and be successful in the work force when they become adults leaving them completly unprepared to enter or compete in the work force and get well paying and real jobs but instead making them great candidates for liberal government social programs. This is why liberals are staunchly against school vouchers and school choice because it takes away from their brainwashing & child misguiding agenda in the public school buracracy. Also American Ingenuity has gone down the tubes in many areas in society thanks mostly in part to liberal "so-called compassion". Their kind of "compassion" has made America weak and dependent on "big daddy government". For example instead of expecting citizens to be responsible and save for their own retirement now we have "big daddy government" who "forces" us to save. They in their "holier than thou" mentality honestly think we are incompetent idiots who can not save for our own retirement! Instead of people working hard and putting food on their own table and saving for their own house's we have "big daddy government" stealing from the hard working class and giving to those who do not work all in the name of "compassion". I understand compassion and chosing to give to the poor but with their way you don't have a choice! (well you do have a choice but if you refuse to pay taxes what happens? you go to jail!) And now they want to make health care and prescription drugs an entitlement & force paid for by guess who... yes you got it... the working class tax payer and making the rest of society a bunch of still poor government dependants.

If you watch liberal Democrats long enough you will notice at least six key things

(1) They always support anything and everything that makes government bigger and more powerful and are against anything that makes the American people stronger and more prosperous without government. for example welfare, Liberals rather you be dependent on government programs such as this rather than be swimming on your own financially. When you can swim on your own (Unless you are one of them)you are in no need of them and that does not serve liberals at all politically

(2) Also you will notice that they create or exaggerate problems (or crisis) (sometimes imaginary) so they can come along and create the "solution" which coincidentally the "solution" always makes government bigger and gives them more POWER at the same time.

(3) They recruit and indoctrinate or "brainwash" younger generations from college campuses and public schools to grow their numbers. Most Socialist and Communist thugs did the same things with children because they know that younger people are not as experienced and a little more naive about life and politics which makes them easier prey. "If you capture the hearts and minds of the children you have captured the next generation". Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao Tse-Tung And many others used children in the same ways the Liberals do to further their agenda and to spread their socialist propaganda. Of course Liberals know how easily the American people forget history, In fact they count on you forgetting that is how they fool people, they know most people are not paying attention.

(4) They are ruled and rule by emotions and not the facts, case in point, just take the environmental movement, global warming is a theory not a proven fact but they act and are tought as if it were a fact, throwing everyone that will listen into a "sky is falling mentality" and "hurry we must do something now" panic. This is what liberals want people to be like with all of their issues so they can enact their agenda without people actually thinking about what they are doing until it is to late and the liberals are left holding all the cards of power.

(5) Unless it helps them get out of trouble the U.S constitution means nothing to them especially if it is in the way of their socialist agenda. They are more concerned about "controlling the masses" which are you and me. Where in the U.S constitution are provisions for welfare, medicare, social security or even universal healthcare? the answer is....nowhere does it give authority for government to implement and enslave the tax payer to pay for these type government programs.

(6) Liberals think by throwing more and more money (again your money and not their own money) at the problems that it will solve the problems and again not coincidentally also making government a bigger and bigger bureaucracy. Thus making them more and more powerful.