My Rabbit!!!

Hi this page is about my rabbit FLAKEY
There is a pic above of him!!!

I really love my rabbit with all my heart it is the best pet ever!

Some Facts About Flakey:

When Flakey lies down with his feet out he is the size of a small dog. He is bigger than the cat next door who is really old and he scares the cat away!
Flakey Is 1 On Novemeber 7th 2002! At The Moment He is 23inches long when he lies down with his legs out!

More Pics!!!

Some More Recent Pics Of Flakey:

There is a short Movie I made on the com: Flakey Movie!

Take My Quiz On Flakey: Take my Quiz on!


I have a Hamster, and 3 goldfish! The Hamster is my Brothers, here is the hamsters Pic:

Updated Soon!!

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