All About Me!!!

This Page is all about Me, Liam, The Creator of This Website!!!!

Well I don't really no wot 2 say about myself, i really need other peeps 2 tell me so i can update this site.
So if you could plz leave wot u think about me then plz put your comments in a speacial guestbook below.

Well this is wot peeps have wrote about me:
1. Allana House
Wot U Think About Me: U r a very gd m8 2 have as ur very loyal n very truthful 2 every1! Ur very gd @ givin advice n alwayz have sumthin nice 2 say! Luv ya liam!

2. Sian
Wot U Think About Me: I think ur really nice n ur a very gd m8 even tho i dont no u very well! Duno wot else 2 say oh yea im flattered tht u used 2 fancy me how cute!!!! Cya xxx

3. Daisy
Wot U Think About Me: U r really lovely! an i dont think u look like a mole or a hobbit. so :P Put that on ur site an smoke it!

4. Flora
Wot U Think About Me: i think u r a sweet boy who is never really horrible to anyone and who is a great friend. u r funny too, and slightly crazy.

5. Kathyn
Wot U Think About Me: your sweet and funny and you spelt my name right!

I did Not write this, the people in my guestbook did!!!

6. Claire (philpott's sis)
Wot u Think About me: well don't really know you but i know adam and he says you're a groovy kinda guy and that's good enough for me! X

This is me:

This is Me bein Stupid:

This is Me On a Beach:

And This is me eatin, I love eatin lol:

Me At A wedding

Me At A Wedding Again!

me on Hol At A Resuarant!

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