My Mates!!!

Hi This Page Is For My Mates Out There In The World Hope you enjoy it Mates: (P.S If Any of This offeds any of you out there then plz tell me Thanx!!)(Also Now I have Moving Names so it may take a while 2 load!)
These r not in order of how i like them, k!

- (1 of Me Best M8s)A funny chap, comings out with all this funny remarks that r so funny. A gr8 m8, has been since 1st skool! Pic Below.

- (Flo) Funny and like a hippy, likes little children programs and things like rainbow and etc. Also she is in her own lil insane bubble!

- Crazy and a really good friend. Pic Below.

- (I of Me Best M8s) Sometimes annoying but also funny. Some1 I can trust with all me secrets will not tell any1 and He trusts me 2. Pic Below.

- A sweet girl who is always nice and friendly to peeps never seen her angry. I can trust her a really gd m8, one of my best. Pic Below:

- Thinks he is funny but not he is a good m8 and a bit werid at times.

- Very tall and friendly likes wwf dont c him much anymore. (Pic Soon)

- A m8 who is a really good friend who understands me.(Pic Soon)

- A very good friend who i meet on Bt chat she is gr8 fun.(Pic Below)

- Really cool girl, met on aol and really gd m8s, likes the things I do and stuff liek that!!(No Pic Available)

- Very annoying sometimes but can be funny.

- A friend who is quiet hardcore doesnt talk much but is a good m8.

- Quiet smart thinks he is funny but he is not.

- Kind Of Freaky at times. Crazy girl.

- A k guy, m8s with him, dont no wot 2 write!

- Carzy and wacky at times.

A sweet little boy who is funny and never ever does any thing wrong.

- Quite funny guy!

- (Andi, Birbeck, Birbe, Uncle Birb) A kind of werid person who is funny sometimes not many peeps like them.

- lol soz Vicky a funny girl a bit werid lol soz vicky.

- Really really gd m8, I am her agony uncle he! he! she always tells me her promblems and i sort them out! Lovely, Kind and beautiful gal :-p!

Allana's On Right

- Really gd m8, funny gal! I a bit werid at times and she is a lovely girl, i dont no if i should say this but i will anyway, I use 2 fancy her lol! Well there u go Sian Ive added more now! You happy now??? Pic Below!

- She's been on Radio one yay!!! also she is a bit crazy at times lol! She has heatherish hair in this picture! he he! She is really funny! She told me 2 write more so i am! She goin out with bobby! Pic Below

- Crazy gal, funny 2, a gd m8!! Pic Below.

- (Think I spelt it write, soz if i didn't) Crazy gal who is funny, sweet lil gal! Pic Below.

- Crazy lil gal lol, dont no wot else 2 write! :-S!! Pic Below.

- Well a kind of werid funny guy person! lol soz Tom. He plays bass as u can c from the pic. He has been asked 2 join a band sumwhere, cant remember where tho! So Go For It Tom!! (Pic below)

- One of me bestest m8s in first skool, use 2 hang around with him all the time, then we went 2 different middle skools then we met up again at hardyes!! yay!! hes changed a bit!!

- A funny and silly gal, a crazy bean in other words lol! Well Heres Her Pic:

And Natlie My Little Pumpkin Pie Ur Not Fat And Ugly in That Pic!!

- A m8, dont no wot 2 write really

- A Kind of funny m8, A bit weird at times! He likes Lord of The Rings and all that, he has started writing a box about goblins and stuff anf he has made me the main charcater in it, as i did help him 2 write it! Pic Below!

- A sweet girl. Does drama like me and at skool with me! yay! she is also in the Panto i am in she is Aladdin yay!

- Funny kind of boss gal! Lol! soz!

- Sweet Gal! lol! (A Pic Of Her Below, But Only A Bit Of Her!)

- A Crazy girl, always making me laugh with her silly phares, She says hello to all the 6th Formers and she dont even no them lol! Know her though Claire, but I am really gd m8s with her now! You can see from this pic she is crazy!! (pic Below)

- Now she is one crazy bean lol! Well she is very understanding and a gr8 m8, tell her all my troubles and auntie Claire sorts them out for me and she does the same with me 2 and i help her out!

- Well Hannahs a crazy girl like most peeps lol! And Piglet is The Best!!! (Pic below)

- She is m8s with Hannah! She is a crazy girl 2! lol

- Well she has been a really gd m8 since yr5 she is also really funny and a gr8 gal. Moved 2 Canda tho, but i still tlk 2 her over msn!! She is gr8!

- Fidget is Cha's Dog, tho I have never met her she sounds gr8! he he! From her pic, she looks really cute :-) he he

- Well she is a really nice, lovely, pretty girl. She is a gr8 m8 and is funny! I sit next to her in maths with DA FLELLO he he, and she is the amazing blue-tak model maker! Well helps me with my problems yay! "Im Still, Im Still DA FLELLO From The Block" he he! Well I think i'll stop writing now he he! Oh yeah she wins coz she is above ryan he he!

- He is in my class and science group, playins rugby and football! He is quite tall! He is a nice chap! he he ;-) He is k but sumtimes werid, like he told me and philpott 7inches! In IT me and Kia like to get things out of him, like who he fancies he he! (Look Above!) I like him ;-) Also his "what?" face is really funny, in the 2nd pic he is kinda half doing it!

A New Pic Of Ryan, taken on Sports day 1/7/03! He he! I bet He Loves it! :-) Thanx Katy For The Pic! I Love It!

- Well no Mike through rob, but we m8s now! He a cool guy and stuff like that.

- Will's in my german class, hes a laugh sumtimes "Chocolate Klaus" lol he will no wot it means he! he!

- Funny gal, use 2 sit next 2 her in english! A Gr8 laugh!

- Well a tall guy, crazy, scares me sometimes! Goin out with Abz yay he he!

- A lovely girl, in my geography class! he he! She is funny, intelligent, lovely etc. he he! and she can take photos with out people noin! She is my photo spy he he!

- A gr8 guy, goin out with kia! Funny, gr8 m8, understanding and huggy he he! Gd to tlk 2 and scare with my insaneness!

- Gr8 gal, dont no her that well but she is really cool he he!

- A funny and gr8 gal. Brings the 7% un-innocent side out of me he he! Makes me laugh and when im down brightns up my day he he!

Becci (moving name soon) - A Crazy girl, She went 2 germany on the trip and she is in geography and she is Crazy and lovely! And Its He Bday On Monday! Woohoo!! Happy Birthday!!

I Think That Is It if you know anymore then plz tell me!!!

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