My Rollercoaster Of A Ride

By Liam Dennis

This is my life story, its all about me and my life. Most of it will b from my diary all the bits I chose. This may be disturbing and upsetting, so read at your own risk. For now it will be all over that place and nothing would be right.

My Early Days

Born Wednesday January 27th 1988 at 09:14, My parents are, Miss. Sandra Stainer and Mr. Simon Dennis. I was told that I had to be pulled out with a plunger. Well then I don't remember much but when I was two, my brother Callum Dennis was born into the world on Wednesday December 6th 1989 at around about 18:00. That was about it of My early Days.

My First School

Puddletown Life

My Rollercoaster Days

Well by now I was 13/14 and I was starting Thomas Hardyes which was gr8 fun! Meet lots of new people and made loads of new friends, it was a gr8 time for me. Then by Novmember 4th 2002, my rollercoaster days had started.

"Well i went back to school 2day, yay! so must fun! NOT! Well i had a headache all day. awwww lol. Also i was really worried all day about wot sodge told me i may have last nite. I was really scare of going 2 the docs to find out if i had. I was glad that i was bk at skool 2 c all my m8s like, daisy, sodge, kia, tom, tim and more. But tom was very quiet 2day, he didnt really tlk 2 me! :-( Then at the end of the day i found out sumthing which i though that the person it was about should of told me but they didnt. Today i felt kinda left out and down in the dumps!
Well must b off now, Eurka Tv's On yay! NOT! lol"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Bk To Skool

"Well yesterday as I forgot 2 add it, i told sian about my thing, and she said she would go with me but when i wa rdy.

Well today was a load of sh;t, it was boring as usally had p.e and i felt really ill and down, every1 on the bus seems 2 take the p;ss out of me, so i sing 2 myself, arent i sad, well i am sad actally. Also i am really worried about if i do have that thing i will b on pills for the rest of my life and i was thinking abou that all the bus jouney. Also I felt like i was left out of everything today, it was like every1 was turning their bk on me, but not every1. I have 2 put on a fake smile everyday and i am fed up of it now, but i am going 2 watch a play 2moro at skool and miss out on lessons hopefully on games!! and also its my rabbits bday on thursday, I have decided thursday is the last day i put on a fake smile, as its flakeys bday on thursday and after that i dunno if i will ever smile again if u no wot i mean."


Taken From My Diary, Entry AHHHHH!!!! MY LIFE IS SH;T!!!!!!

"Well all my m8s and stuff have asked me y i h8 my life so i might as well put my reasons up the gd things and the bd things:

Good Things:

1. Flakey (My Rabbit)
2. My Friends

Bad Things:

1. My family
2. Peeps ignoring me (like m8s)
3. Peeps turning there bk on me
4. No1 likeing me
5. Peeps taking p;ss out of me on the bus
6. I am sad
7. Depressed
8. May Have Under Active Thryoid (how ever u spell it)
9. Got Asthma
10. Might have a diease so when i get older i would b able 2 do anything.
11. Life Its self

Well thats it i think!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry REASONS!!!

"Hi again its me again, the stupid retard writing once more, have wrote on this loads 2 day. Oh well but im a total retard, anyway i am listening 2 the ketchup song and its well funny. I really like it!Na! Na! na! na! Sian I no who sebastian is!!!
And if u dont no from my pervious messages wot a under active thyroid is well i will explain,
It is when a thing i ur neck doesnt let out another hormones and u can put on lots of weight from me and u can feel cold at time, and u need 2 have a blood test 2 find out if i do, and if i do i will b on hormone tablets for the rest of my life, well i think i ahve this coz i was 9stone before i went on hol and now i am 11 stone!!!!!! yes i am 11 stone!! and i aint eaten hardly again, and i always feel cold even when it is sunny, like on monday i was sat in the luch place and i was sat in the sunny and it was really hot theer but i was freezing!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Ketchup Song

"Hi i could die at anytime so it dont really matter if i kill myself coz:
1. Asthma: could have an attack and not b able 2 breath and die
2. That under thing (if i have it) could die by it 2
3. Pattisons diease, (my grandma had it and it passes through family) i could become crible and die at anytime!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Die At AnyTime?

Now after these rollercoaster days came a better day but it didn't stay that way!

"Today was a ok day but it wasnt as good as i hoped. Well I laughed for real 2day, i aint done that for ages. Watched that play and there was a old woman called maggie who had like a nervous twich in her mouth it was really funny. It was the first time i laughed and didnt put on a fake smile for ages. Also I found out that the thing i knew wasn't true. he! he! he! I missed games YES!!
God old maggie was well funny, then at lunch sodge fell over while sitting down and that was funny. Also i gave sian a note saying, "Bye Bye Sian!" and i think she got scared but i didnt mean as bye bye im going 2 die, as bye bye cya l8r bye! but oh well, well the bye was in a way im going 2 die thing. Well must b off just got a message on here and gotta email sum1!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Old Maggie!

"Well thigns aint got better 2nite had my mum and dad and bro nagging at me all nite, so annoyin and i am feeling really down : and i am also such a retard, i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard i am a reatard. Anyway i must b a retard coz i sign 2 myself on the bus, how retarded!!! I am very sad very very sad, i am a loner and no1 likes me!"

Taken From My Dairy, Entry "Only Things Can Get Better!" Sure they can wotever u say!

Well then the next day it was my rabbits birthday so it was a better day!

"Well today i got really pissed off with tim, coz he kept says, "its so obvious" 2 me all day, then matt and loads of other peeps joined in and they didnt tell me y, until i talked 2, (lets call him Fred) until i talked 2 "Fred" at the end of skool and he told me that tim had 2 saying that coz appartly i fancy Kia, but i dont, cant a boy be like best m8s with a girl??? Does that mean I fancy her??? NO! it doesnt! Coz I dont!

Well then at the end of the day at the bus stop place in skool, i was walking up 2 my bus which had been "Called" by Mr.Kane and he pulled me, tom, luke, martin, harry and ben (yr11) and tom, luke and harry got told 2 go 2 his office, but me, ben and martin didnt, well ben was with luke and harry but me and martin walked when he called it so wotever, he is stupid anyway!!

And then just a couple of mins ago just had a massive argument with tim about that obvious thing above!

Well bk 2 happy thoughs 2day!!! ITS FLAKEY'S (MY RABBIT) B'DAY YAY!!! IT IS 1 2DAY YAY!!!!!!! I gave him a big juicy carrot!!

Taken From My Diary, Entry Happy B'day!

Things Got Better again!!!

"Well 2day was really gd actally, I sorted it out with timmy, and we friends about. Yay!!!
We all frienda again and i am glad that I did!!
Well 2day was boring but better than the rest of the week (expect wednesday) but i still have stupid matt (no offence) saying "its so obvious" but i alrdy no, so y dont u just SHUT UP!!! (no offence)

I am all better now and the thing is out of my head!!! YAY!!! "

Taken From My Diary, Entry "Things can Only Get Better" And Now I No Its True

Then things got kinda worse again!

"I feel really down in the dumps 2day prob. coz:
1. Boring Day
2. Crapest day of my 2 week time table (damn got 6 lessons 2moro)
3. Peeps ignoring me, or telling me 2 shut up (like m8s)

Well i am so bored and down!
And also i am in kinda so i am down 2!
the story of my life: I sum1 no1 's me!!!

Taken From My Diary, Entry :( Down In The Dumps! :(

Then I found out that one of my best and closes m8s might move, the name is blanked out!

"Well Helga (i cant say who they r, so dont ask) told me last nite told me that Helga may have 2 move, but u cant move Helga who would i have 2 tlk 2 and have fun with! U cant go but u can cum and stay with me Helga!!!!! U better not go I really dont want u 2 go! I would miss u loads!!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Awww Helga u can't move.

Then A Funny Dream Came to me.

"Well last nite had such a strange dream it was strange-a-roonie lol!
Well 1st of all we were all in p.s.e with mr.cook and he was showing how 2 put condoms on put on his fingers! Then he told us 2 do it so we did, then mr.cook said get in a boy, girl pair, then he said: "Off To The Tent!" So we all walked down in pairs, there was flora and tim in front of me and sum gilr with a blank face, then al and kia behind me and sodge and adam behind them! Then Mr and Mrs Cook went in the tent and came out 10mins l8r, then Flora and tim went in and came out all tired abou 5mins l8r and then as i was about 2 go in with this girl with a blank face i woke up lol!"


Taken From My Diary, Entry Strange Dream

More bad news!

"Ahhh!!! My Grandma (My Dad's Mum) just been told she got parkisons, like my Mum's Mum who is now dead
So now i have a double chance of getting it!!!!! So me and my bro will prob. actally WILL have it when we get older, coz it goes throu familes. When my Mum's mum had it, it was a 50% for me and my bro, and now its a 100% for me and my brother. Oh y is God Punishing me like this??"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Grrr! Stupid Disease

".....Then at the end of the day was about 2 get on my bus and i tapped the crazy bean on her shoulder (yep, u guessed it rite Claire the crazy bean!) she went hyper as usual lol, jumping up and down shouting my name, i shouldnt of tapped her on her shoulder lol, her m8s and he shut her up lol!

Then on the bus, no1 would let me sit nxt 2 them, they r very rude and mean! So i sat at the front on my own Not that any1 talks 2 me anyway but oh well! If they do talk 2 me its normally 2 take the piss out of me! Oh well thats the stupid *******s on my bus, (soz about lanuage) I h8 my bus coz of them *******s on it not sayign any names!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry I h8 My Bus!!

Then It was My Brother 13th Birthday On 6th Decemember 2002

Things Then Got bad Agian

"Well The name says it all!! I basically cry myself 2 sleep everynite! Over things! Dont wanna go into so dont ask! Im just sad and a retard k!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Tears On MY Pillow!

"Cryed myself 2 sleep again last nite!
I cant help it! Its coz.........................of it dont matter is out of control and no1 can help me!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Tears On my Pilliow (Again!)

"....Bus Journey Home - Saw claire at the end of the day and she went crazy as usaul, and i gave her a christmas card and she went even more crazy! lol! she is so silly! Well when we left skool, i was basically crying on the bus! I smacked luke, didnt c where tho! I was a bit happy about that!......"

Taken From My Diary, Entry Don't b Afraid wipe that tear from ur eye.


Then My Mum Went missing for a bit

"Well yesterday I didnt cum on the com, well i did in the morning but never again coz i had such a hang over!! But I wasnt sick that much!!
K well heres the story:
My mum left the house yesterday about 5:30am! Well my dad got up at 8am and didnt no where she was, so he went out looking for her, then banging on my nans door, no answer! He phoned loads of peeps! Then Jenny My mums m8 cam eover and helped him!! Then when Rob And Den (my mum and dads m8s) had finsihed work they came over 2! In The end my Dad phoned the poilce and they came around!! And i was still in bed with my pjs on at liek 2pm! lol Well the poilce were going on the net trying 2 talk 2 peeps on my mums messanger. When they the Warden of Crossways Court goes around chescking the old peeps houses everyday! (My nans not in coz she on hol!) Well the warden went in2 my nans house (she got a skeleton key!) And my mum attack her coz my mum was a bit drunk still and though that my dad was having an affair with this warden! Which he wasnt! It all started coz my dad gave her this moblie number so she could txt him Happy New Yr! Well then my m8s friends got her home, and the poilce came around and told my mum that the warden had dropped the charges! And my mum was going 2 stay with Rob and Den, but she home now, and my mum dad dad have sorted it out!! I was really worried all day, so was my brother!! I had 2 sit with him all day coz he was worried!
Well i better be off now bye bye!"

Taken From My Diary, Entry The Whole Story about my Mum!

Then Had The Funnist English Lesson Ever!!!

".....Lesson 5 - English, god this was so so so funny!! Me and kia were sat in there at the bk just waiting for the teacher. Well Chris Warren cums in and starts 2 rite in this diary, and Ms.Barker said, "Is That Miss.Davies?" So Chris turns around and says "I have u no I bought that for 3!" So Ms.Barker Said, "Dont tlk 2 me like that!" So Chris smashed his pen on the table and said "Sort It!!" In a funny way! So Ms.Barker looked at me and kia and pulled this really funny face! Then he went over and started 2 ripe papers out of this folder!! So in the end Mrs.Over came in and sorted it out and Chris said, "I got a phone call this morning tellin me that my grandma had die!" and stromed out and nearly broke the door lol!! Well as soon as he had gone me and kia bursted out with laughter!! It was the most funniest english lesson ever!!
Then we were called the Dictoriany Corner lol!!......."

Taken From My Diary, Entry lol!! "Sort It" lol!

Well I will add more l8r and as I get older!!!

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