Funny Pics!

Hi This page is all about the funny pics that I have taken or that other people have taken!
If anyone who sees this page has any funny pics then plz do e-mail me them! My e-mail is at bottom of page!

This pic I took when i was on holiday, we went to a quite little island called Thassos it is full of old people and stuff like that and we were staying at Golden beach and there was this shop and in the window had this:

Well Abi gave me this pic, I dunno where else 2 put it so I put it here!! Its a pic of our average day in food lol!

Mandy emailed this picture and I think its hiliart, so doe she

Laura Sent me this pictures and there really funny! Thanx Laura!

I found this pic on a website, and it is sick!!!!

Yuck!! She has Lips for eyes!!!