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Free Classic AD&D DownloadsDownload free adventures, monsters, campaigns worlds, and more, for 2nd Ed from the official D&D website.

More Free Classic AD&D DownloadsDownload free spells, magical items, adventures, software, sheets, and more, for 2nd Ed from the official D&D website.

Free D&D DownloadsDownload free spells, magical items, adventures, skills, feats, and more, for 3rd Ed from the official D&D website.

Lair of the Red Dragon This website features D&D 2nd Ed. stuff. You name it and its here. It contains spells, magical items, art work, monsters, random generators, and new character classes like the necromancer and seeker of the truth. This site is big and full of stuff (yes "stuff"). Take a while and peruse it.

The Keep Spell, Feat, and Magical Item Database.

RealmsOfEvil.Net The D&D and AD&D Villain's website. Contains new spells, psionics, adventure hooks, monsters, DM tools, races and classes/kits for both 3rd and 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons

3rd Edition Character Sheets Contains downloads of 3rd edition character sheets.

The 3rd Edition This site, which is a third edition D&D site, contains articles on D&D and many many discussion boards. This site is hard to describe but is very interesting, certainly one of my favs. is a great archive of 2nd Edition spells. This is a spell of the month club, but since the last entries were in April 2000, my guess is that it is over, but the archive is still really good.

Net Books Here are the official 3rd Ed. netbooks.

More Net Books Here are the unofficial 2nd and 3rd Ed. netbooks.

Humour Here is something that caught my attention, rather humourous actually. It is about the history of squirrels in D&D.

Picture Related D&D sites

Art Pictures This website provides pictures of fantasy scenes done by famous artists such as Elmore, Vallejo, and more. Warning however, this site takes a long time to load.

Amergin's D&D realm This site contains nice fantasy pictures and the loading time is not too bad. Just click on his "my art gallery" or "my animated gif gallery" in the bottom left hand corner and you will be treated to wonderful pics and rather nice gifs of such things as druids and dragons.

Heromachine This website allows you to "draw" your own character. You need flash installed on your internet browser for this to work, however it is a lot of fun to draw your character for those of us who are artistically challenged. You choose the setting (fantasy, super-hero, or sci-fi) then choose your gender/race and a image pops up of the character. You can then alter the colours and weapons, items, clothes, etc. that the character has. It is a little bit limiting, but sometimes it is nice to have a picture of what your character looks like, even if the picture only resembles your character.

D&D 3rd Edition Psionics Handbook Links

Bruce Cordall Interview Here is an interview with Bruce Cordall, the creator of the Psionics Handbook, mainly about how he came up with psionics and how he created it.

Psionics Handbook Preview Here is a good overview of the Psionics Handbook and how it will be implemented into the 3rd Edition rules, such as psionic classes, skills, feats, etc.. in the Map-a-Week section of the D&D official website, they have an adventure with a psionicist villian called Haunted Village.

Adventure Related Sites

Forgotten Realms Here is a webpage with more than twenty adventures for varying levels of characters for AD&D 2nd Ed. which are mainly set in the Forgotten realms universe.

Ravenloft Go to the downloads section of this website for AD&D 2nd Ed. Ravenloft adventures.

Official Maps The official D&D website offers a "map a week" feature and also has adventures for 3rd Ed. rules.

World of Meln Fully detailed and free campaign world for any fantasy role playing game.

Online Generators Here is a webpage with fantastic generators for dungeons, treasure, NPC's, and towns.

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Elves Realm

Wizards of the coast official site

AD&D Site

White Wolfs 3rd Edition D&D page


The only officially sanctioned FTP site for D&D material!

Lots of good stuff dealing with RPGs, including netbooks.

Realm of the Dragoneers
- A site collecting new stuff for the AD&D-game. Anyone can contribute if they have something great to share.

Alan's Dungeon Master Tools

It includes utilities for TSR's D&D game, modules set in some of TSR's campaign settings as well as character backgrounds and a the tale of a young mage and his adventuring friends.

Dungeon Master's Lair - Awesome Graphics

An adventurers art gallery.


Create maps and floorplans that you can download

The Cave

Name generator, NPC generator, and a village generator.



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