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Here is a list of all the Rapiers found in Ancient Anguish. You should use the most difficult rapier you can without missing the monsters you try to hit very often. If you stick with a very-easy or extremely easy rapier for a long time, you won't get your skills up very high (you need a challenge to increase your skills). I only have sell/buy values for rapiers I have sold and bought. Remember that the Sell/Buy Value changes depending on the shop and your Trade ability.

Rapier Skill Range Difficulty Damage Parry Source
Dart* 0-5 Grandma Average Very Poor Weapon Seller
A stick 0-10 Ex. Easy Average Useless Tant. Sewers
Turquoise Dart* 10-20 Very Easy Average Very Poor Ravel Dartboard
Awl 10-20 Very Easy Average Very Poor Lanky Tanner
Sewing Needle 10-20 Very Easy Average Very Poor Andeli
Sculptor's Chisel 18-23 Easy Less than Average Poor Elderly Sculptor
Antique Rapier 18-30 Easy Average Good Oterim the Sage
Thin Poniard+ 22-28 Some Skill Average Adequate Grabbo the Pickpocket
Bugbear Rapier 25-30 Some Skill Average Adequate Bugbear Ambassador
Dangerous Feather Not Rec. Moderate Skill Average Useless SE Isle
Thin Rapier 30-60 Difficult Average Splendid Bort
Standard Rapier Not Rec. Difficult Average Splendid Arrogant Nobleman
Blue Steel Rapier Not Rec. Very Difficult Average Splendid Greenhaven
Elven Rapier 55-65 Very Difficult Average Splendid EDF
Very Fine Rapier 55-65 Very Difficult Average Nearly Perfect Arrogant and Well Dressed Nobleman
Jeweled Dwarven Rapier 65+ Ex. Difficult Average Nearly Perfect Dwarven Paladin
Crystal Blade** 80+ Ex. Difficult Average Absolutely Perfect Astaroth
Sword of Gilian** 80+ Ex. Difficult Average Absolutely Perfect Thranarack


* Also a thrown weapon.

+ Also usable as a secondary weapon.

** Unique

I've been asked about thunt rapiers. With the exception of Magic Rapier and Rapier of the Defender, I don't much like them. If you want to use thunt rapiers, they're usable in the 30-40 skill range.