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As a newbie you have quite a few areas that are designed for you, areas with healing rooms. The healing rooms greatly accelerate the healing process, giving you more time playing, and less time healing. A good example is the healing room in the manor (west most room on the second floor). There you simply type "sleep" and you will quickly heal to your full health. There is some sort of healing room in the following newbie areas: The Haunted Manor, Harlan's Horsetrap, The Haunted Ship, and The Southeast Isle. To prevent just anyone from going in and sleep (and thusly greatly unbalancing the game) "level-lockouts" have been inacted.

A character of any level may enter the Haunted Manor, but only a level 5 or lower character may sleep in the healing room. At Harlan's, its the same story with the healing room, but in addition, anyone above level 6 cannot enter the area. Anyone below the level of 9 can enter the Nepeth Training Area, but you can only enter the area if you are a non-orc. They might be another approach to getting in however... With the Haunted Ship, anyone under lvl 10 can get in. And finally, anyone below level 15 can "join ritual" and mediate for heals on the SE Isle.