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Tom Salzburg’s love for percussion started in 1980 after first seeing a picture of Peter Criss, and later watching his Uncle Zippy play the cowbell for St. George and the Seldom Seen Dragons.

Self-taught, Salzburg started his own band, Legend, and they played for a year. Then it was on to forming The Sluts of Oxford, which, of course, had too many sexual overtones for a bingo crowd! Moving on, Salzburg joined the established hard rock band No Mercy in the early 80s. About No Mercy, Salzburg says “Playing with them for two years really raised my level of performing, as they were a tight knit band with plenty of potential.” It was with No Mercy that Salzburg “learned the ropes” and ventured into professional recording.

Salzburg then went on to play with a number of other bands, and in 1987, landed a gig with Tattoo. They re-recorded a previous album with Salzburg on drums, and were signed with three major labels including Metal Blade. “I spent ten years with the best damn musicians in the business – recording albums, playing shows, and pulling off some of the best pranks in history!” said Salzburg.

The infiltration of grunge brought about the demise of Tattoo in 1997. Salzburg went on to play with a few other bands including Lefty Gomez and Undaunted.

Salzburg feels every player has something to offer, but he lists his influences as Rod Morganstein, Tommy Aldridge, Nicko McBrain, Roger Taylor, Mitch Michez, Dave Weckek, John Bonham, Pert (last names now!), Gombacher, Travis, Phillips, Smith (got an hour? He’s got way more!), Rudd, Dramer, and the list goes on forever!

Salzburg’s philosophy: Give a little more than the next guy or the last guy; don’t give the same as everyone else. Always try to give them their money’s worth, and thank the people who helped put you there! And, never take anything for granted.

Salzburg has shared the stage with acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Junkyard, House of Lords, Stevie Stevens, Stryper, and Doro Pesh and played rooms like the L. A. Forum, Metro, Riviera, Odium. He has appeared in numerous publications including Modern Drummer, Metal Edge, Hit Parader, and Circus.

Salzburg joined Kevin M. Buck in 2002 and plays on Initiation, their first album, which was released on Osiris Records.

Kevin M. Buck plays original music from his album Initiation, as well as carefully hand-selected cover songs. The current line up features: Tommy Salzburg, formerly of Metal Blade recording artists Tattoo, on drums; Eric Pine on the six string bass guitar; and Kevin M. Buck on guitar, mandolin, keys, and vocals. For more information, visit, or contact Kevin M. Buck online at or by phone at 708-655-3882.