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“One of the greatest ever” - Roger Daltry

“I Like the CD a lot , you’re the man” - Jason Becker

“I went and listened to a handful of your soundclips and was impressed with your technique on the instrument. Sounds like you have great control. Jam on” - Steve Vai

“This kid has an encyclopedia worth of shit in his head” - Leslie West

“This one has a truly original sound. I am instantly struck by the quality and ferocity of your axemanship—nice playing man! The quick melodic and dynamic changes really grabbed my ear, pulling me along to the next section. In this world of highly generic, cookie cutter acts with little in the way of truly original artistic vision, you’ve certainly carved out a musical space that you can call your own. May you earn legions of fans as a result of your musical “chance taking” Rock on.” - Taxi

“Well there I am sat with my headphones on, chilling to the ambient vibes of opener Prelude when the guitar almost blows my brain up! This is shred of stunning proportions, nice licks with very bluesy bends. ‘The Never World’ is home to some great lead melodies over a very cool almost Egyptian vibe. ‘Astral Maze’ sees the album head in more melodic waters and there is a real attention to the vibe here. This track would fit well on Vai's 'Passion & Warfare', its home to some quite exquisite playing and the change of pace makes it stand out very well. ‘Slay the Dragon’ has a very cool Randy Rhoads sort of vibe to it mixed with some enchanting tonal bends that are reminiscent of Marty Friedman. ‘Outside The Gates Of Paradise’ sees the tempo drop and the intensity level sink for another melodic piece. Again some great licks here and the cleaner tone shows what a good feel Kevin has. ‘Repent’ continues the cleaner textures with an almost exotic sound meeting jazz and classical, very hard to describe and very original. ‘Trance Of Sorrow’ is another track that allows Kevin to pour out his soul through the guitar, again the melodies show that Kevin has a great touch and an individual sound. ‘Fairy Tale’ is home to some more good lead work, whilst Bach's Bouree In Em is a timeless classical guitar piece. ‘Initiation Of A Timeless Pawn’ is home to some great Latin acoustic work with mandolins and acoustic guitars, the production here is superb with each instrument having great depth. A piece very different to the rest of the album and shows another side to Kevin's musical abilities. ‘A Rose In The Absu’ is another great mid tempo track with great lead work, and home to some great harmonization. A nice tapping passage sits well with the backing, there's an almost Uli Roth mentality coming through the track. 2 minutes in, the track takes a turn into heavier territories with some more harmonized lines. ‘Liberation Suite’ ends the album with some more nice clean work and acoustic textures, quite an eclectic sound that has some Vai like quirky licks. A strong way to end the album. Initiation is a collection of tracks inspired by dreams and experiences from meditation Kevin has encountered over the last ten year (a similar basis to what Vai's Passion & Warfare was inspired by), The 14 tracks show Kevin to be a fine guitarist with some superb guitar skills through a multitude of styles. This is a fine introduction to a player that I suspect we will be hearing more from over the coming years.” -

“Those who think the era of guitar heroes has passed, may change their tune after hearing Chicago virtuoso string bender Kevin M. Buck. The 26-year-old plays fast and furious during most of his 14-track disc, but shines best when letting his guitar shift from high speed to soulful (“Outside the Gates of Paradise and A Rose in the Absu”) Less is more once again on my favorite cut, “Trance of Sorrow”. Buck, who also plays mandolin and keys on this release, gets solid backing by powerhouse rhythm section Eric Pine on bass and former Tattoo drummer Tommy Salzburg. Props also to guest percussionist Dominick Palmisano”. - Tom Lounges Northwest Indiana Times Correspondent/Midwest Beat Editor