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Welcome to a POW/MIA site dedicated to
1Lt. Henry "Hank" L. Allen
and to our 2,063 American brothers and sisters
who never returned home to their family and friends.

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1Lt. Henry "Hank" L. Allen

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I was in my early teens at the time of the Vietnam War, too young to support either the protests or the pro-war movements. What I do remember is every evening the 6:00 p.m. news reserved a segment for Vietnam War death reports. I can remember the numbers being in the thousands and pictures that made me lose my appetite, for me at that age it did not seem real, it seemed like a bad movie being run over and over again.

Now being an adult and a mother I understand the anguish of all those mothers and fathers who watched this every night, waiting for the uniformed man to knock on their door, or the phone call.

These parents brought their children into the world in love, joy and faith. Faith that they would watch them grow to adulthood and have families of their own. Parents who had faith that their children would live their lives on American soil to enjoy “the American dream”. Faith the government of the United States of America would “take care of their own”. Faith they would grow old watching their grandchildren and great-grandchildren grow strong in their families love.

These parents had their faith shattered by the Vietnam War, the “war of no reason”, by a government conscience that looked the other way at the end, did not take care of their own, and left our brothers and sisters on foreign soil.

Unknown is their fate.


The man in this picture is 1Lt.  Henry "Hank"  Lewis Allen. Henry was in the US Air Force, 56th Special Operations Wing, Udorn AF TH (RAVENS)
He was born September 21, 1943 and his home city of record is listed as Daytona Beach, Florida.
Henry is officially listed as MIA as of  March 26, 1970 in Laos at 27 yrs. of  age.
(Loss Coordinates: 175900N 1023400E (TF543931)).
Status (in 1973): Missing in Action


I adopted 1Lt. Henry "Hank" L. Allen this year (2002) at the time I did not even realize the adopt a POW/MIA program was still in existence. I am proud to have him in my family,
he is now my brother and I will not stop trying until he comes home.

Please click on his bracelet below to read the official account of his loss.

I  have written to my governmental officials asking what is being done to bring our
brothers and sisters home.
Please click the picture below and it will take you to a copy of the letter sent. 


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