Tuck Everlasting WebQuest Model


An Introduction

Now that we have finished reading Tuck Everlasting, we have had an opportunity to imagine what it might be like to live long ago, live forever, and live in the land of Treegap. But...do you really know what it is like to live like the Tucks? Visit the following sites to get a feel for what the Tuck's life might have been like...

We know that the Tucks traveled by horse and buggy...can you imagine a world without planes, trains and automobiles? Take a look at the old days!

Have you ever heard of the Gold Rush? Do you think the Tucks could have been part of this time in history?

Oh and we can't forget about Toad, I wonder what it would have been like to be Toad!

See what other kids around the nation have to say about this book!

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Just the other day I had this visit from an old friend named Toad. Toad told me that in The Land of the Toad's (somewhere near The Philadelphia Zoo) their favorite book is Tuck Everlasting. They really like this book because a character in the book is a toad!

They have one problem though. At the last meeting of Oprah-Toad's Book Club, they argued about where the story REALLY took place and what the 'woods' were really like. They also cried Toad Tears because they wished they could read about the next adventure of the Tuck family.

Since I know that all of you caring sixth graders want to do everything to help out the Terribly Teary Toads in The Land of the Toad, you have a mission.

During the next few lessons, you will be working in groups of five to decide what the setting of the book really is. Please be advised that the Toads do feel strongly that the Tucks do live somewhere in the United States. To be convincing, you must compare and contrast your setting to details in the book. There is an activity sheet included in your folder for your group to write down the supporting details.

Introduction / The Task / Questions / Resources / Learning Advice / Conclusion


Here are the questions you will need to answer during your adventure...

1. What do we already know about the book's setting?

2. What do we need to find more information on to help us conclude where the setting took place and what the woods were like?

3. What resources do we need to use to help us draw conclusions about the setting?

Last but not least....

4. Conclude what the setting for Tuck Everlasting is.

Introduction / The Task / Questions / Resources / Learning Advice / Conclusion


Use these resources to help you justify your conclusions. REMEMBER there are no wrong answers. Your group only has to support the findings and conclusions made.

Information on Forest Preserves & Woods

                    Forest Preserve Database

Click on the different regions in the United States to learn more about them.


Climate and Weather Information

                Regions of the US-weather info

                United States Weather

                Weather information including beach reports


 Geographical Information on the 

          United States

                 Maps of the US

                 Take the Tucks on a trip--for fun!

                 Parks and Museums in the United States

                 More Maps


Introduction / The Task / Questions / Resources / Learning Advice / Conclusion


Learning Advice

At this point, I have to do my teacher duties and give you some suggestions as to how to go about this task. Please realize these are just suggestions.... you do not have to follow them all. Do remember that you have a task completion presentation to give to the Toads and I know that you do not want to disappoint them!!!!

                    1. Complete the Brainstorming sheet in your folder.         

                     2. Assign roles within your group. 


Historian- finds out any important information on the Tucks from outside resources.


Editor #1- finds any information in the story that describes the setting


Editor #2- finds any information in the story that describes the 'woods'.


Lucky Logger- keeps track of what has been accomplished during class time and helps out the Historian.


Handy Helper- helps out any group member...this includes encouragement when times are tough (and there always are when you are working in a group!!)


3. Research!! There is notepaper included in your folder that also has a place to write down where you found your information. Make sure you tell me where you found your information; I might want to learn more too!


4. Decide on a presentation choice.


Introduction / The Task / Questions / Resources / Learning Advice / Conclusion



Now that you have completed this WebQuest, you will be known to the Toads as "Experts of Tuck Everlasting". I hope this WebQuest has given you a chance to work as a team member, explore some information about the United States (past and present), and relate your findings to Tuck Everlasting. Give yourself a pat on the back...you did it!

Introduction / The Task / Questions / Resources / Learning Advice / Conclusion