Tuck Everlasting-Web Quest

....a WebQuest designed to take you into the land of Treegap

Learning Advice

At this point, I have to do my teacherly duties and give you some suggestions as to how to go about this task. Please realize these are just suggestions....you do not have to follow them all. Do remember that you have a task completion presentation to give to the Toads and I know that you do not want to disappoint them!!!!

                    1. Complete the Brainstorming sheet in your folder.         

                     2. Assign roles within your group. 

Historian- finds out any important information on the  Tucks from outside resources.
Editor #1- finds any information in the story that describes the setting
Editor #2- finds any information in the story that describes the 'woods'.
Lucky Logger- keeps track of what has been accomplished during class time and helps out the Historian.
Handy Helper- helps out any group member...this includes encouragement when times are tough (and there always are when you are working in a group!!)


3. Research!! There is notepaper included in your folder that also has a place to write down where you found your information. Make sure you tell me where you found your information, I might want to learn more too!
4. Decide on a presentation choice.