Tuck Everlasting-Web Quest

....a WebQuest designed to take you into the land of Treegap


Just the other day I had this visit from an old friend named Toad. Toad told me that in The Land of the Toad's (somewhere near The Philadelphia Zoo) their favorite book is Tuck Everlasting. They really like this book because a character in the book is a toad!

They have one problem though. At the last meeting of Oprah-Toad's Book Club, they argued about where the story REALLY took place and what the 'woods' were really like. They also cried Toad Tears because they wished they could read about the next adventure of the Tuck family.

Since I know that all of you caring sixth graders want to do everything to help out the Terribly Teary Toads in The Land of the Toad, you have a mission.

During the next week, you will be working in groups of five to decide what the setting of the book really is. Please be advised that the Toads do feel strongly that the Tucks do live somewhere in the United States. To be convincing, you must compare and contrast your setting to details in the book. There is an activity sheet  included in your folder for your group to write down the supporting details.