LiNKs oF SomE POsSiblE iNtErEsT

I don't really know if a homepage would be a homepage with out a favorite website page, but maybe that is just me. But these are, in all honesty, pages I use often. I just thought I would share the knowledge. Now if you click on the "People I know link" that will take you to banners of sites I truely believe in, so please visit them. These are more of a fun thing, not educational.


eBay~ need I say more??? Find Anything on the planet!!!! My eBay name is ~*~loganz_mommy~*~
WWF.COM~ sorry but for some reason i am addicted to this stuff!
FUN STUFF~ this site has all those stupid *MADLIBS* people send. There are also interactive quizes.
CAPT. MORGAN~ website for the finest rum availible in the 50 states. Site is a play off of Yahoo, and really funny.
THE ROCK~ has to be the singlemost amazingly built gentleman. i love him!

SChoOL ReLateD

MY FIRST SCHOOL~ Here is the official website for the PSU Nittany Lions
TERM PAPER CONNECTION~ Compare your paper with others and see if there are things you never thought of.this is not to be used to steal termpapers-they do check
MY CURRENT SCHOOL~ temple university in philly

tRAveL & VacAtIoN

DISNEY~ The most Magical place in the world!
AAA~ A great thing to have if you are taking a road trip.
MYRTLE BEACH~A great vacation destination. Warm and clear water.
DORNEY PARK~a great place to go for the day that is close by.
TRAINTOWN, USA~ A great place to bring the kids located in historic Lancaster County, PA.