"Casey at the Bat" Lesson Plan

By-Jeaneane P. Kozlowski

Subject- Reading/English

Grade- 4-5


1. The student will identify words to describe how Casey looks, acts, and feelsbefore and after he strikes out.

2. The student will draw similes from their descriptions of Casey to their own life experiences.


I will ask the students given two objects and/or ideas, how would they compare them. Ex Bird/Plane, Baseball bat/Stick, Ball/Orange, Feeling of Anger/Volcano. Then define simile. Give examples: A bird is like a plane. A baseball is as round as an orange. Worksheet.


The poem "Casey at the Bat."





1)Have students take turns reading each stanza of the poem. For understanding,ask students, "What happened in the poem?"

2)Brainstorm words to describe how Casey looked, acted, and felt before and after he struck out.

3) Brainstorm some real life experiences that are similar to Casey's.

4)Ask students to complete "A strike out is as embarrassing as _______, and "A home run is spectacular like_________ in 3 different ways.

5)Have students draw a comparison and present to the class.


Review the structure of a simile.

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