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  • A new and improved Web site traffic reports page that can be accessed via the Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check your stats whenever and wherever you like.

    Want to see what you're missing? View Online Stats pages showing real-time information like domain stats, the last 30 referrers, the last 30 hits, search engine stats, and more.

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EFFECTIVE January 2, 2002 - Terms of Service have been revised. Please read the new Terms of Service. Free Version will track number of visitors (unique and total) with a visible counter, and will send you a weekly stats report. Register here!

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Global Statistics offer you a peek at our mega-report, which combines the traffic reports from our more than 1 million customers worldwide. Find out how Internet users are viewing the Web.

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Have a tip to share with your fellow subscribers? Submit an article for possible inclusion in Professional Edition, by sending an e-mail to Articles focused on topics relevant to webmasters will be reviewed. (Only approved submissions will be included in Professional Edition newsletter.) Check our submission guidelines.

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