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New tracks submitted to Studio AmsterJammin are uploaded Every day while the playlist is PUBLISHED every month. AmsterJammin's 30 hours online library plays on a 12-14 hour rotation. The tracks listed above have been included in the library. You can make comments about newly uploaded music, or artists by emailing studioATamsterjamminDOTcom TRACKS UPLOADED AND INCLUDED IN OUR PLAYLISTS AUGUST 2006
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amsterjammin amsterdam internet radio
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amsterjammin amsterdam internet radio
Artist Title Album / LINK Length
Assasin Zumjay Demarco Work fe What Girl Is Mine Eye Charm Riddim 00:09:21
Bunny Maloney Help Stay With Me Baby Bunny Maloney 00:16:59
(Continued from above) I've Been Missing You Julia (Continued from above)
Busy Signal Lindo P & Kardinall Official Rah Tah Tah Fire High Octane Riddim 00:06:15
CC Elephantman Wayne Marshal Bounce Right Stamina Dangerous Bug Out Riddim 00:09:25
Departure Lounge (Petrol Records) Breathe Sunshine (Dino Sofos Ft Delanta) World Grooves  00:03:32
Departure Lounge Follow The Sun (Jill Messenger) World Grooves 00:04:40
Departure Lounge Shakes (Ye Ye) World Grooves 00:03:59
Elephantman Ras Myrhdak Ghost & General Talk Bout Cloths Warriah Nah Fraid Hot Girls Double Kick Riddim 00:08:47
GeneralDegree Nicki British Sizzla Bubble School Girls Great Man Of Honour Bubble Riddim 00:09:35
I Wayne Slash Warrior King Life Is Easy Version Poor People Dont Go Medallion Riddim 00:12:26
Keisha, Firelinks Gansta Wife, Nitetime Waterman Riddim 00:07:30
Keran De Cologny Grass Roots & Franky Really Need Your Man One Again Beacon Waterman Riddim 00:11:17
Kimmy D Miss Alisha Skinnie Fabulas Falling For You Dancing Machine Red Humma Riddim 00:07:52
(Continued from above) Good Loving (Continued from above)
Kiprich De Gal Dem Kiprich 00:03:38
Maka Diamond Busy Signal Tok A Wha Di Man Pussycat Gal Thing Pitbul Riddim 00:10:21
Jagwa Wayne Wonder Bling Dawg Real Stoppa Gansta Holla Pitbul Riddim
Munga Buju Banton Bling Dawg We Nuh Back Gal Fe Knock Knock Foundation Riddim 00:08:40
Ninjaman Voicemail Hollowpoint Back In Town Talk Bout You Foundation Riddim 00:12:49
(Continued from above) Easy Skanking Come To Me (Continued from above)
Tanto & Devonte Beenieman Silvercat Fyah 40 Gal Dancin Informer Energy Riddim 00:10:38
Turbulance Richie Spice Tell My People Gideon Boots Fed Up Jonny Too Bad Riddim 00:09:42
Anthony B Conrad Chrystal (Continued from above) (Continued from above)
Tyrone Taylor Easy B Oh Love Tell Me Now Tell Me Now Riddim 00:06:58
Tyrone Taylor Easy B Want My Baby Back Oh Love Tell Me Now No Man Is An Island 00:07:02
Vybez Kartel Elephantman Kiprich & Lady G Ambulance Enemy Line Say Goodbye Dancehall Selection 00:08:31
Vybez Kartel Mr Easy TOK Gangsta Party Women Ah Mi Draw Riddim 00:10:09
(Continued from above) Gansta Life Full Draw (Continued from above)
Wayne Marshal & Mr Peppa Life Wayne Marshal (Life) 00:04:27
Wayne Wonder Macka Diamond Shaggy Version U Got Me March Out Give U Limbo Riddim 00:07:39
Easy B Jimmy Riley Not Letting Go Desperate Measure No Letting Go Riddim 00:06:48
Lukie D Mikey Spice Richie Stephens  Version Fight The Power Worries  Ting A Ling Riddim 00:08:03
Matisyahu  Daughters Chop em Down  Youth Dub 00:30:58
(Continued from above) WP One Women Youth  Youth Dub
Mikey Spice Richie Stephens Its Raining Always On My Mind Sunshine Riddim 00:13:16
Chuck Fender Turbulance (Continued from above) (Continued from above)
Pinchers Fanton Majah Capleton Alaine  Antoher Flame Forty Mama Come  Forty Suppem Riddim 00:10:25
Taylormade One And Only (Stace Ft Cole) Bread Blunts & Broads 00:04:04
Taylormade Smoke That Ft Nijay Bread Blunts & Broads 00:03:53
Midnite Fierce Fast and Low Dub Intense Pressure 00:04:50
Midnite Mighty Race Dub Intense Pressure 00:05:13
Ramajam Hey Now Girl, I Like It, Lei La Lei Ooku Chaka 00:04:17
Phenomenal Sisters Clap Your Hands Pendant Que 00:03:28
Phenomenal Sisters My Shepherd Ft IHomme Marcus Pendant Que 00:03:21
Ralph Chevry Ayiti Cheri Ralph Wonder Chevry 00:03:40
Jezzreel Living In The Gettho Great Jah Jah 00:06:10
Pitbull Ft Elephantman TOK Rah Rah She Hotter Shake Turn Me On Money Is Still A Mojor Issue 00:16:02
Shadrock Moving Forward Remix Moving Foward 00:03:48
Wailing Souls Fire House Rock Fire House Rock 00:04:13
Yerba Buena El Burrito Island Life 00:03:55
Yerba Buena No No No Island Life 00:04:32
Zukie Joseph Rasta Go Round Dem Its About Time Fe Real 00:03:53
Juakali Dem Just Play Foreign Familiar 00:04:37
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