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AmsterJammin Playlist May-08  
Artist Title Album Length
Bushman Source Of Life Get It In Your Mind 00:04:27
Bennieman & Tami Chin, Busy Signal Advice, Rasclaat Jammin Dancehall Promo 00:05:42
Serani, Elephantman, Vybez Kartel Wanting You, Boosie Bounce, Buss A Whine Gaza Riddim 00:08:33
Rebecca Loos Aka Phoenix & Jah Wagga Your Boyfriend Promo Single 00:04:22
Munga, Deva Bratt Gangsters Name, Night Creature Night Creature Riddim 00:08:19
Movado & Michael Rose, Munga Dutty Dun, Real And Cold Supa Charge Riddim 00:06:09
Mad Cobra, Vital, Vybez Kartel Life That We Living, Dem A Go Dead Shooter Riddim 00:07:11
Munga, Vybez Kartel Nuh Fraid, Yuh A Wife Amsterjammin.Info Featrued Artists 00:06:23
Busy Signal Nah Sleep A Jail, Double Rhyme Busy Signal V P 00:07:11
Shema, Eistein, Delly Ranks, Anthony B Touch Me, Wine Pon It, Gal You A Mad Dem, Show Me Carrot Oil Riddim 00:08:38
Sean Paul Running Outa Time Sean Paul 00:02:10
Future Fambo, Mavado, Vybez Kartel Dead Homies, Blood Run Like Henessey, Mi Love How U Wine Close Gasket Riddim 00:07:19
Aidonia Badmind People Aidonia @ Amsterjammin.Info 00:04:22
Vybez Kartel, Aidonia Pop It Off, What A Bwoy Shadow After Dark Riddim 00:03:38
X Ray, Bescenta, Demarco Spot Her From Far, Love Me Foever, I Wonder I Wonder Riddim 00:08:22
Wayne Antony, Spragga Benz Version, Its You, Every Breath Dream Riddim 00:07:08
T B C Dem A Run Away Riddim Mix Dem A Run Away Riddim 00:03:18
Serani Mama Still Hungry Serani 00:02:53
Lutan Fyah, Jah Cure Always, Forever No Combo Riddim 00:04:44
Lutan Fyah, Morgan Heritage, Junior Kelly Silent Weapon, No Hiding Place,take Those Blows River Bed Riddim 00:08:51
Vybez Kartel, Frankie Paul, Willie Williams No Regrets, How You Feel, Just The Same First Chapter Riddim 00:09:01
Beenieman, Warrior King, Natural Black, Luciano Just Our Time, I Pray, Mek Good Use, Bad Boy First Chapter Riddim 00:08:50
Aidonia, Lexxus, Voicemail, Bramma Yuh Vagina Tight, Clockwork, Hype Pon You Maties Bee Hive Riddim 00:13:31
Munga, Munga & Sean Paul Cyaan Defend Themself, Got It Made Promo 00:07:00
Dejah, Jailanzo Got To Go, Hustlae Four Bottle Riddim 00:07:15
Kiprich, Alison Hinds, Ms Triniti, Kenyatta Culture Hill Bun Fi Bun, Roll It Gal, Nevva Gonna Know, Daddy Amsterjammin.Info Featured Artists 00:15:08
Vybez Kartel,, Munga & Pressure Banana Clip, Everything Torpedo Riddim 00:07:21
Vybez Kartel, Delly & Wayne Wonder, Vybez Kartel Anytime She Goes By, Loose Contol, Permission V P Records 00:08:32
Tosh, Hollowpoint, Flava Unit Hot Gal, Be My Girl, Watching You To Di World Riddim 00:09:18
Vybz Kartel Sen On Hi Grade Ganja Anthem Vol 2 00:02:59
Mighty Diamonds Pass The Kutchie Hi Grade Ganja Anthem Vol 2 00:03:33
Richie Spice, Capleton, Natural Black, Etana, Morgan Heritage The Plane Land, Same Old Story, Love You, I'm Not Afraid,  Rub A Dub 00:19:34
  Nothing To Smileand, Same Old Story, Love You,    
   I'm Not Afraid of Nothing    
Elephant Man Our World Let's Get Physical 00:03:08
Bongo Chilli  Satisfy Bless Ya Riddim 00:03:30
Munga, Elephantman, Bramma Gwaan Pre, Fan It, Fe Dem Violate Shadow Riddim 00:07:02
Munga, Elephantman & Ward 21 Snitch, Real Badman Dutty Water Riddim 00:06:47
Khari Jess, Inium, Aidona A War, From Me A Baby, Good Body Gal Close Gasket Riddim 00:06:42
Turbulance, Munga, Kiprich Banner Dem Wine Pon It And Talk, A Nuh Sin The Banner Riddim 00:08:37
Sean Paul, T O K, Leftside I Can Give You Pleasure, The World Is Mine, Send On Jammin @ Amsterjammin.Info 00:09:13
Wayne Marshal & Sean Paul Far As I See Single 00:02:20
Voicemail, Demarco & Busy Signal, Eliman & Serani Mi A Bubble Her, Get This Party, Face,  Jammin Dancehall Selection 00:17:12
  Riding Daseca, Hey Nikki    
Martina & Patrice, Sean Paul Memories Remain, Baby Girl Oscillator Riddim 00:07:37
Jim Crow & Jigsy, Carnage Version, Gal Every Season, Bruk Tu Dem Drums Of War Riddim 00:07:40
Gwen Stefani & Junior Ging Now That You Got It Single 00:03:23
Eugee, Portmore, Vybez Kartel Munga Rock, Empire Money Hafi Mek, Claat Di Riffle Bush Master Riddim 00:07:51
Deva Bratt, Munga, Anthony B Night Creature, Gansta Name, Dem A War Night Creature Riddim 00:09:21
Delly Ranks, Bramma, Eliman Mr Easy Wine Pon Di Ting  Just Wine  Cree Eepa Riddim 00:07:07
Capleton, Delly Ranks, Turbulance Dont Stop, Bus A Smile, Bingo Dat Mi See Riddim 00:07:48
Caliber, Sprangga Benz, Greg Hines, Sizzla Version, When A Soldier, Every Breath,honey, Nothing Dream Riddim 00:09:32
Julia Platinum, Lutan Fyah, Sweetie Irie & Don Campbell Liars, Too Much Suffering, Goodbye The Paradise Riddim 00:11:50
Yell, Ras Shiloh, Luciano Survival, Perfect Bright, Remember The Days Treasure Riddim 00:08:01
Lorna Asher From The Farther, Baby Hold On Lorna Asher 00:07:47
Mykal Rose, Prophecy & Delly R Party In Session Produced By Delroy Worm Nevin 00:04:03
Ziggi Need To Tell You This In Transit 00:03:21
Luciano, Lady Saw, George Nooks, Beenieman, Fambo, Sandy Love I've Got, Lady With You,  40 & Over Riddim 00:08:27
  So Excited, Show Me, Invested, Not Stoosh    
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Rasta Riddim 00:05:14
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down New Beginning Riddim 00:07:49
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Love & Peace Riddm 00:04:54
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Jah Soul Riddim 00:06:17
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Full Attention Riddim 00:06:22
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Devils Angel Riddim 00:05:57
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Chi Chi Bud Riddim 00:08:43
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Gaurdian Riddim 00:06:01
Ft Bushman, Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Hardcore Riddim 00:07:57
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Stop The Fighting Riddim 00:07:31
Various Artists Studio Amster Jammin Mix Down Blessings Riddim 00:04:34
Studio Amsterjammin Various Artists Down In Jamaica Riddim 00:05:16
Studio Amsterjammin Various Artists Heathen Riddim 00:04:21
Studio Amsterjammin Various Artists Stop The Fighting Riddim 00:07:31
I Wayne, Lil Joe, Jah Mason No Vanity Love, Bingi Love What A Offer The Down Riddim 00:11:42
Sizzla From Jamaica To Martinique Single 00:04:33
Shawn Storm & Vybez Kartel, Earthworm, Vybez K Let Me Undress, Rawtonight, Pop It Off Evil Deeds Riddim 00:08:41
Lloyd Brown I'm Sorry, Show Me That You Love Me Lloyd Brown 00:07:45
Angel Doolas, Delly Ranks, Gyption, Wayne Marshal Look A Girl, Girl U Are, African Prize, Long Story Water House Riddim 00:03:47
Ava Leigh, Jah Mali Over The Bridge, Jah Works Weh Tek Up Levi Riddim 00:06:12
Chedizek, Lukie D Soul Food, Mek Me Smile A Little Bit More Riddim 00:12:20
Richie Stephens & Maxi Priest, Wayne Marshal Rude Bwoy Cry, Call The Police Www.Iriddims.Net 00:08:36
Spanner Banner, Mykal Somer Roots, Wake The Town 83 Riddim 00:07:28
Jah Patriot Looking For Love Single 00:04:05
Harry Toddler, Assassin & Busy Signal, English Nuh Mek Dem Hold You Down, Dem Nah Look, Tek Weh Bwoy Look Gal Riddim 00:08:51
Elephant Man, Monster Empire, Lady Ali, Fire Links Nuh Linga, Daggering, Hype All You Want, Hold Mi Acre Look Gal Riddim 00:08:51
Lady Shelly, Deva Bratt, Shane O & Approach Talk Up Now, Chat U, My Girl Break S K8 Riddim 00:09:27
Baby Cham, Cobra, Mr Vegas Suicidal, Devil, Bloodstain Jammin Selection @ Amsterjammin.Info 00:08:04
Bounty Killer, Warriors Bait Up, Warriors Retro Black Widow 00:06:43
Abja, Capleton Fire Is Getting Redder, In The Ghetto Street The Shining Riddim 00:08:05
Gyption, Lutan Fyah This Love, Trodding Alone Show Love Riddim 00:07:31
Movado, Stephen & Damian Marley I'm On The Rock, The Mission The Mission Riddim 00:08:15
Aidona, Di Block Cry Tonight, Want A Fk Offa Yuh, 4 Di Girls Aidonia [Amsterjammin.Info 00:08:31
Serani, Munga, Movado Too Much, Wanted, Money Changer The Warning Riddim 00:07:44
Echo Minott, President Brown Judge & Jury, My Confidence Morning Riddim 00:08:00
Natural Black, Gyption Version, World Is In Trouble, Struggle Hit Drop Riddim 00:08:38
Lutan Fyah, Warrior King Straight, Where Color Is An Issue Happines Riddim 00:08:01
Mr Vegas, Dr Evil, Collie Budz Hottie, Husslin, Rise It Go Go Riddim 00:08:25
Daville, Octane & Dasia There For You, Nothing But Love Truth Riddim 00:07:03
Jah Cure, Kiprich, Warrior King Never Give Up, Joe Gring, Mercy Please Jammin Selection 00:11:29
Cherine, Hopeton, Iceman Fever, We Could Fall In Love, War And Crime Fever Drop Juggling Riddim 00:12:45
Jah Cure, Morgan Heritage, Cutty Corn Journey, Traitor, Poochie Loo Journey Riddim 00:10:15
Tony Matterhorn Talk De Tings Sting 93 00:02:55
Tony Matterhorn Running Cow Tony Matterhorn 00:02:15
Tony Matterhorn Only Ak Only A K 00:02:33
Tony Matterhorn Wine Up Yu Body Wine Up Yu Body 00:03:02
Tony Matterhorn Wet & Warm Sting 93 00:02:44
Gyptian Sex In The Morning Misty Morning Riddim 00:03:56
Kris Ron No One Cares Misty Morning Riddim 00:04:19
Determine Bad Man Misty Morning Riddim 00:03:35
G Loc Ft Richie Bang Heartless Misty Morning Riddim 00:04:11
Ward 21 Pass Pass The Grade Morning Riddim 00:04:09
Natasja & Lil Hero One Love Morning Riddim 00:04:31
Morning Riddim Instrumental Morning Riddim 00:04:05
Mikey General Luciano, Harmony, Etana Strive Keep Us Strong Serve Jah Taking Time Ego Wes Roc Riddim 00:15:49
Chezidek & Chappa Some Of Us Morning Riddim 00:03:59
Anthony B Chezidek Lutan Fyah Beenieman Dont Stop Keep Us Strong Serve Jah Fi Real Foolish Advice Wes Roc Riddim 00:14:00
Warrior King Signs Of The Times Morning Riddim 00:04:16
Edi Fitzroy Shelly Star Arch Angel Them Trap Child Support One Conclusion Peace Time Riddim 00:26:44
Includes H D  High  Gyal Farm  My Pressure  T&T Carnival Hits 2K8 00:10:18
Wayne Marshal  Forgive Them Please Deadly Alliance Pothole Way It Is  Tru Wayne Marshall 00:12:07
Simple B Things Are Not The Same Simple B 00:03:36
Simple B Missing You Simple B Jamaica 00:03:14
Simple B Give Love A Try Simple B 00:03:32
Tony Rebel Hope The Law Journey Riddim 00:03:48
Tarrus Riley & Sizzla How Ma God X Panda Studio 00:04:00
Queen Ifrica Rise Ghetto Yutes Rise Journey Riddim 00:03:43
Harmony They Don't Play Harmony 00:04:16
Frankie Sly Never Like This Frankie Sly 00:03:10
Eljai & Capleton Blessed Blessed 00:04:21
Bassman75 Jamaican Grind Version, Vocal Bassman75 00:05:01
Alison Hinds More, Thunder Soca Queen 00:07:41
Be, Kiara, Landlord, Robbie Cat Like One Kama I Will Make It Dem Talkin Copycat Riddim 00:12:15
Prophecy Chance A Tribute To Lucky Dube Jah Birth 00:04:14

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