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Artist Title Album Length
Luciano Sanchez & Anju Anthony Cruz Version Only Love Unto Thee Lord I Just Wanna Go Home Hail The I Riddim 00:12:02
Jah Cure To Your Arms Of Love What Will It Take  Jah Cure 00:21:55
Love Is Longing For Dem Na Build Great Man Jamaica
King Solomon Judas King Solomon Jamix 00:07:04
Tony Tuff, Capleton Stronger, Get Up Ghetto Stress Riddim 00:07:08
Munga, Tok, Nuh Care, Music Is Love Good Concious Riddim 00:07:43
Batch, Deciple, Luciano, Mark Wonder, Richie Spice Foriver, Jah No Dead Strive I Need To Know Cant Stop Jammin Selection Iriddims.Net 00:18:38
Anju Kumbz & Flourgoro, Taurus Riley Big Sound, Protect Your Neck Midnight Riddim 00:08:04
Luciano, Junior Kelly She's Having A Baby, It's Over Ghetto Biscuit Riddim 00:07:28
Little Hero, U Artists Hurt, Version Green Gate Riddim 00:06:07
King Jango Donocan Joseph Kapachi Asafa No 3 African Princess Live & Love Ethiopian Kings Riddm 00:07:48
Empress Ayeola, Vivian Jones Blessed Is He, Rastafari Is My Life Fundimental Riddim 00:05:48
Daniel Bless, Justice. The Black Seeds Please Do Good, For A Show, Snake In The Grass Psalms Riddim 00:15:52
Capleton Anthony Cruz Capleton No Folds Hands Rumours & Lies Meditation Riddim 00:10:14
Rasta Voice, Luciano, Lutan Fyah Right Time Come, Ransom, No Turning Back Gansta Law Riddim 00:11:35
Richie Spice, Morgan Heritage Natural Black Wha The World Gone Too Much Blood Me And You Africa Riddim 00:09:25
Jamelody My King, You Told Me, Pressure, Be Prepared Jamelody Promo 00:14:51
Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, Spectacular Glorious Morning Cant Stop The Fire Dem Getta Beaten Glorious Riddim 00:09:07
Capleton Get Up Capleton 00:07:08
Singer X, King George So Glad, Rubber Suit Painter Riddim 00:08:40
Ziggy Ranking My Boo, Miserable Life, Specialist Ziggy Ranking 00:12:19
Various Artists Let Go Riddim Jamix Leggo Riddim 00:04:03
Sabrina Williams, Swade The Rose, Bad Day Selection 00:06:43
Ras Myrdhak, Luciano Give Praises, Natios Of War Culture Riddim 00:10:30
Natural Black, Morgan Heritage V C 9 To 5 Why Its Time Legal Riddim 00:09:28
Mr Vegas & Rockwell You Gonna Need Me, Sitting On My Corner Mr Vegas Dot Com 00:06:51
Kiprich, Wayne Wonder, Morgan Heritage Where Do We Go How You Doing Take It Easy All Stars Riddim 00:10:35
Jay, Lutan Fyah Do What Ittakes Hilanders & Ghosts Midday Break Riddim 00:06:18
Gyption & Kayla Luciano Mr Wicked, Come Home No Joke Riddim 00:07:05
Geoffrey Star Natty King Jah Mason Free Up Your Mind Praises Glorius Morning Glorius Morning Riddim 00:10:36
Vybez Kartel, Tanya Stephens Standing In The Rain, All About You New Day Riddim 00:07:00
Lutan Fyah Action K Roots Revealers & Sizzla Version Suffering Days Breaking Down No More Killing Bed & Roses Riddim 00:09:13
Jumo, Kenny & J Smooth Jah Giveth, Version, Want You Back Want You Back Jamix 00:08:33
Hawk Too Many Garrison Legal Riddim 00:03:26
Bitty Mclean Never Let Me Go Never Let Me Go Jamix 00:07:14
Natty King, Turbulance Rebellion The Recall Calling Wont Allow Me Gantsa Law Gansta Law Riddim 00:10:32
Cecille & Jigsy King,beenieman Too Hot To Handle Keep The Vibes Pumping Have You Ever Riddim Album 00:12:53
Mr Perfect Jigsy King Ninja Kid & Jay Greetings Twice My Age Gal Dem Song Riddim Album 00:13:33
Voicemail, Flex, Vybez Kartel Come Nuh, Dem A Fool, Bruk Yu Back Black Ache Riddim 00:05:59
Tanya Stephens, D Major, Black Er Bwoy Like You, Good Girls, Better Gyal Mix Up Riddim 00:08:02
Shema, Einstein Gansta Prayer, Cant Stop The Fire Gansta Prayer Riddim 00:06:35
Elephantman, Vybez Kartel Right Here, The Ring Scandal Bag Riddim 00:06:00
Anthony Cruz Turbulance I Like Bun Bad Man Dutty Radio Riddim 00:06:58
K Oss, Skrarra Mucci Princess, Glory Glory Iriddims.Net 00:09:32
Jah Cure Lutan Fyah Rik Rok Good Morning Sunshine Your Love I Only Wanna Be With You All Star Riddim 00:08:12
Lutan Fyah, Richie Spice Di System, Real Reggae Iriddims.Net 00:07:58
Sean Paul Daville Tami Chynn Mama I Love You In My Arms Sweet Love Legal Riddim 00:09:43
Shaggy, Daville Fling It Pon Me, Yuh A Move Hype Panty Town 00:08:02
Turbulance United Promo 00:03:43
Shaggy & Nasha Vegas Sizzla Opel Akon Those Days Nuh Want Nuh Freind Man Mad World  Iriddims.Net 00:17:41
Talk The Things Whats Love Cant Hold Me
Shaggy Intoxication Promo 00:03:38
Red Foxx & Rayvon, Lexxus Got Them All Falling, Gun Rae Riddim 00:06:58
Gyption, Turbulance, Sean Paul & Shabba & Fiona I Can Feel Your Pain Your The One Baby Cloud Nine Riddim 00:11:00
Movado, Elephantman, Vybez Kartel Twice A Day, Dancing Dimension, Wine Pon Di John Amster Jammin Selction 961 00:09:57
Baby Cham What U Think Poilce Can Do Iriddims.Net 00:03:58
Aidonia & Dr Evil, Audonia Gantsa, Dynamite Audonia Iriddims.Net 00:05:15
Tony Matterhorn & Mr Easy, Tifa, Mr Vegas, Wickest Ride, Kitty Police, Gal Scene Show Off Riddim 00:09:05
Nerious Joseph Vivian Jones Jah Mikkle Fundimental Principles Of Life Rastafari Is My Life Jah Gi Wi Di Weed Fundimental Riddim 00:09:23
K M C, Blazer, Gounzman Maximum Dan Like Bad Man, Your My Wife, Discover Elligal Riddim 00:10:04
Jah Banton, Jah Shock Kow Yourself, Live As One Psalms Riddim 00:06:50
Zareb, Perfect, Ras Myrdhak, Vanity Lovers, Bad Mind, Until Then Rasta Riddim 00:11:22