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Biography: Born in Southern California, Toya began her Musical Journey at age 8. She started playing the clarinet in elementary school and in junior high school, Toya taught herself how to play the flute. During high school, Toya was a member of the Gardena High School marching band and performed all over the Los Angeles County.

Eventhough Toya played instruments, she had a natural gift for singing. Upon graduating from college, her dream for a musical career was put on hold to raise a family. In 1991, Toya and her family relocated to the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Today with the support of her family, the time is right to follow her dream once again.

Inspired by family and the success of many artists in the Industry, Toya has chosen to further explore her passion and talent for music.


In 2003, Toya along with her family launched two Indie Labels entitled Open-Minded Records and Positive Energy Records.