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Biography: The LINGALA project begins in 2004. The many influences to the founders created a melting of music styles resulting in a very particular way of making musik. During the listening of the CD, you can tune your ears getting the feelings and memories of Jazz, Funk, Africa, Mediterranean sea. The live show is outstanding, the energy coming from the stage is very high. You have to listen to the CD and, if you can, come to one of the concert of the band

Italian Band The members are well knonw studio and live session men. Marco Massimi, bass, (Ennio Morricone, Quincy Jones, Zucchero). Francesco Carlesi, Piano & Keys (Andrea Bocelli, Claudio Baglioni) Filiberto Palermini, Saxes (Teaches Jazz at the italian Conservatoryof Frosinone) Azeglio Izzizzari Drums, Vocals among the finest jazz drummers now in Italy, graduated at Conservatory.