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Italian Band The members are well knonw studio and live session men. Marco Massimi, bass, (Ennio Morricone, Quincy Jones, Zucchero). Francesco Carlesi, Piano & Keys (Andrea Bocelli, Claudio Baglioni) Filiberto Palermini, Saxes (Teaches Jazz at the italian Conservatoryof Frosinone) Azeglio Izzizzari Drums, Vocals among the finest jazz drummers now in Italy, graduated at Conservatory.

Fast forward some years and it's now official. Black Majik Productions is a company that has worked with artist and companies on production. While doing that MJ was upgrading his studio and working on his debut solo album "Now Showing". MJ finished "Now Showing" this year and is now working on means of getting it out to the public and getting his music heard. The album was the brainchild of MJ alone and he did everything on the album from the cover to the credits.

Now it's independently distributed through Black Majik Productions "I've definitely been grinding man. It's hard doing everything yourself. You get so close to it that it starts to all blend in. A normal artist may listen to a song a couple of times in the studio and then they'll burn a CD for them and they may listen to it in their car and when ever they like. They might not hear the final mix until after it's all finished.

I AM the mixing engineer and I go the mastering engineer sessions. So I may listen to a song so many times it gets crazy. That's just me trying to get it the best that I can but you get so close to it doing that. I make music for me first and my tastes first. I make the songs that I would want to listen to." I put a lot of thought into each song, even the ones that don't seem to be real simple.

I want people to love the beats and the lyrics. I know the beat catches them first but I want the lyrics to make sense, be entertaining and have a message at the same time.

I appreciate ya'll checking this out and if you like what you hear cop it, bump it and let others know where you got it from. If you don't like then that's cool too, I know this aint for everybody. Stay on ya grind God Bless"

MJ is a hip-hop artist that definitely loves what he does and has a passion for music.BUY NOW!