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Saint Catherine JAMAICA

  • St Catherine (capital Spanish Town) is a parish located in the south east of Jamaica. It is located in the county of Middlesex, and is one of the island's largest parishes. It includes the first capital of Jamaica, Sante Jago De La Vega, currently known as Spanish Town.

  • St Catherine is located at latitude 18°15'N, longitude 77°12'W. It is bordered by St Andrew in the east, Carendon in the west, and by St Mary and St Ann in the north. It has an area of 1,192 sq km, making it Jamaica's fourth-largest parish. Except for the Hellshire Hills near the coast, the south of the parish is virtually flat. The central and northern sections are very mountainous, however; the northern border is on Mount Diablo, which crosses over into St Ann, the highest point being 686 metres (2,700 ft).

  • A plain of approximately 57,000 acres (230 kmē) occupies the southern part of the Rio Cobre basin. The Rio Cobre is the only river that runs along the southern plain. It provides water to irrigate over 18,000 acres (73 kmē) on the plain, and provides electricity for the capital and surrounding towns like Linstead, Riversdale, Old Harbour, and the urban sections of Kingston and St Andrew.

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  • St Catherine is next only to Kingston as an industrial centre. Industrial plants are some of the biggest employers in the parish. Spanish Town is the largest salt producing plant in the Caribbean, and Jamaica Milk Products, an affiliate of the Nestle organization, has a factory in Bog Walk, another major town in the parish.

  • The largest power plant in the island and several factories are located in Old Harbour. Twickenham Park, near Spanish Town, is another industrial estate with mainly light industries including cigarettes, carpets, batteries, plastic items, medical and pharmaceutical products

    This parish also accounts for the largest population in the country, with well over half a million residents. Most people live in Portmore, the largest community in the Caribbean. jamaican flag